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What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

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Scored a buck today! Plus some more critters. Beautiful day for our local club shoot. I got very lucky and got a first in rifle and 3rd in pistol. I say lucky 'cause almost every time I pulled the trigger I knew it was a bad shot. But no, somehow the RB's found their way to the target. A fun day shooting through the smoke and listening to stories.


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Finally got around to fixing up a work table out back under covered porch after move to new wife’s house after losing my garage work bench. Nothin’ fancy but it works. Used an old 1930s-era library table from old family print shop, adding vise and homemade screwdriver holder. Nothing like re-purposing a long forgotten wooden table. I just cover it with a tarp to protect from rain and snow and voila!!
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Not exactly shooting, but definitely muzzle-loading related. I found to my horror that I'd inadvertently trashed a plastic bag filled with the .45cal card wads I use in my Whitworth rifle. Azoy!!!!!!

Mrs tac, ever keen to assist in my shooting endeavours, suggested that I took myself off to our village sports and social club and beg some beer mats. I did so, and Steve, behind the bar, hoisted a cardboard box containing roughly 2000 of 'em in my direction - all unused from brewery promotions that has met their sell-by date.

E'en now I'm sharpening up my trusty wad punch in preparation for an hour well-spent turning out a couple of thousand little cardboard discs....
Took the Rawken out for the second time to do some load development. Weren’t nobody shooting their plastic guns today so I had the range all to myself.

I won’t go into all the particulars of today’s testing but my best group at 35 yards was only about 2 inches using 60 grains of Pyrodex 2f and a .495 round ball. I don’t even want to talk about 50 yards. Ugh!

So I asked myself a question. I said “self, are we gonna
A. Keep trying to find a good load for this gun,
B. Clean it, put it back in the safe and shoot something else that’s more accurate, or
C. Sell it to someone local at a cheap price?”

Right now it’s in the safe and there’s another gun on deck waiting its turn.
So, no lube on bullet? Did you shoot using an over powder wad? Curious as I'm going to be casting some Lee R.E.A.L. bullets for both my .45 and .50 ML's.
I did not use an over powder wad, i would have if i had any that would fit my bore. Real have been around a long time and i remember either an arctical or phamplet that came with the mold that recomended no lube, was a long time ago and i cant remember where i read it, anyhow they fit very tight in my bore where use of a short starter is needed, and very very accurate
Watching "The Last of the Mohicans" paying close attention to the firearms carried by the actors. Does that count as muzzleloading stuff done today?

Looks like the Indians and the Colonials were mostly carrrying Fusil de Chasses.

I did do some shooting today but it involved an "unmentionable"
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I have had this bag for 30 years recently turned it into my grouse getting bag. It had a plain flap with no way to secure the contents, so I reshaped the flap and added a silver button. Now my cards and wads won’t dump out every time I duck under a deadfall!


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Shot (horribly) in my monthly ML match, did pretty good on the pistol target though, 51 out of a possible 60.

Came home with a project double 12 ga., seems like original barrels and furniture in the beginning stages of being restocked. It was from a member who passed away. It was an impulse buy, I've never took on a project like this so I'm not sure what to do with it! :dunno:
Looks as if you got a nice old Belgian SxS. You may want to talk to some of the gun builders in the club. Clint would have been able to offer some advice.
Looks as if you got a nice old Belgian SxS. You may want to talk to some of the gun builders in the club. Clint would have been able to offer some advice.
Yep I was looking up the proof marks earlier. I got it from Clint for $50, couldn't pass that up! He said he got it from Bob Favier. I will talk to some of the builders at the next match.