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FOR SALE Uberti Remington Revolving Carbine

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45 Cal.
Jun 12, 2013
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OH 45385
Thinning out my heard by half. So I'll be listing a handful
First up: A Uberti Remington Revolving Carbine.
Unfired with BP/roundball
16" bbl
Percussion ignition
Fun range toy to be sure.
Left side of the receiver had been relieved and reblued for versatility.
$500 OBO, checks, or VenMo preferred

Feel free to message me here to ask to make it yours, questions, for more pics.

Thanks for looking,


  • Uberti Remington Revolving Left.jpg
    Uberti Remington Revolving Left.jpg
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  • Uberti Remington Revolving Right.jpg
    Uberti Remington Revolving Right.jpg
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OK so that is a replica Remington 1866 carbine...., 😮 They are marketed in a lot of places as an 1858 Carbine, but that's not correct....,

BUT because it's based on the 1858 Remington revolver, and we allow that revolver to be discussed and sold, then although this passes the 1865 cutoff date normally applied to caplock revolvers and ACW breech loaders, as well as other guns/rifles/revolvers/pistols, this is still OK.

Here's a video of one version of the repro Remington Revolving Carbine