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TC Pennsylvania Hunter giving FITS

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I have some Pa Conicals and also cast up a mess of 250 grain REALs.
Will try those in my Hawken and Renegade, but they might do well in the Pennsylvania Hunters too. Stubby things...
The crown on my first one was recut for reasons unknown to me. Looks well done though, and doesn't cut patches. The second rifle has the factory crown and looks great. Also doesn't cut patches.
Both are very even so I don't suspect bore runout. I've seen some T/C barrels with uneven crowns. The bore runout was glaringly obvious. Whenever I look at a T/C, the first thing I check is the eveness of the crown. If it's goofy, I don't much care what the rest of the rifle looks like.
Years ago, I had one of these rifles. The rest of my rifles had set triggers, so as far as trigger pull, I was spoiled. When I took it out shooting, it seemed all over. Other TC rifles and a pistol had been accurate for me.
What I discovered was the lock was of course made for set triggers, since it was a TC Hawken lock. The lock had a fly, and I was pulling the trigger to the point of the hammer moving, but not following through with the trigger. The fly would rub on the top of the trigger, slowing down the hammer. I trimmed the fly and it corrected the problem for me.