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SOLD Stunning Tim Williams Early Lancaster Flintlock Fowler. 46" barrel, .62 Cal, Tiger Maple Stock, Wooden Patch Box

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Dec 20, 2021
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Greetings all,

I am offering up for sale my beautiful Tim Williams Early Lancaster Flintlock Fowler. This stunning smoothbore is in excellent condition overall and an amazing shooter. The rifles stock features some nice carving, which is subtle and charming without making the rifle look too "fancy". The 46" barrel is in great shape as well with a really nice patina. The lock is smooth firing and has never failed me. The lock is engraved and like the barrel, features a wonderful patina. The stock is maple with some striping. You can't see it so well indoors but in the sun the stripes really pop out, especially along the spine of the butt.

The total length of the fowler is 62", the pull is 14.5".

The maker is Tim Williams, one of the most recognized flintlock makers currently working. Tim has been featured many time on Townsend & Sons YouTube Channel and he has been featured and published in pretty much every black powder and reenacting magazine out there. His rifles and fowlers are recognized as some of the best and most accurate available. His work sells for many thousands of dollars, some exceeding $7,000 or more.

The Lancaster County court records of 1767 have John Newcomer listed as a gunsmith. In 1780, the tax records called Newcomer, “Old John Gunsmith”. He died in 1782. Later in 1793, his son was also listed in the tax records as a gunsmith in York County, Pennsylvania.

This Newcomer, early Lancaster fowler is patterned after his work from 1768 – 1775.

You can see this fowler featured on Tim's website at - Early Lancaster Fowler – John Newcomer - Williams Flintlocks

This fowler was over 4k when purchased. I am asking $2500 obo, shipped anywhere in the US. I will post some more photos in the comment section. I can only post 10 pics on the ad itself.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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