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SOLD SOLD—-Kibler Woodsrunner .54

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May 12, 2019
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SOLD THANK YOU—Hello, looking to sell a Kibler Woodsrunner early Virginia style flintlock in .54 caliber. I did not build it but bought it from a gentleman who did and he did a splendid job. It has been fired 20 times by him and I checked and the lock sparks well like Kiblers locks always do. Brought it home and put it in the safe and recently purchased a bucket lister so this just has to go. I will include some patches, balls, etc. Asking $1400 obo cash. I paid a bit more with it already built and finished. I live in Anderson Indiana and work second shift on Indy’s west side for a FTF sale and right now would prefer a local sale. Thanks

— I’ve been asked to ship… at this point my 18hr workdays do not allow me time to do so. I have a couple windows to meet for FTF sales. If you want it and have a friend local to me that would ship it for you no problem… I have the Kibler shipping box so that would be between you and who you have ship it. Thanks


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Does picture with name and dat show scratches in front of lock?. Looks to still be in the white. Any treatment on barrel, or lock?
I’m at work and won’t be home till after 4am. I’ll look closer and advise as I’ve not had this out but sitting in the corner by itself. Unsure on barrel treatment as I purchased this from the gentleman that assembled it.
I zoomed a picture from when I purchased it and it appears to be a deviation in the timber but I will look closer after my shift. Thanks


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Good morning…. Here are three pics. This looks to be in the wood and under the finish. I’m not the best informed when it comes to wood so…. I hope these pics help. I’m up in 3.5 hours for a long day at work so if you’re interested I hope this helps. Have a fine day folks :)


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