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SOLD Kibler SMR .45 cal.

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Aug 22, 2020
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Selling my Kibler .45 cal. in walnut, new, fired only to make sure everything is ok. Blued metal parts, toe plate added, light carving on butt stock, fastest lock time I've ever seen! Great gun, see Kibler's ad for all the particulars.
Asking $1400.00 plus shipping, prefer local sale, I'll accept PayPal friends/family, personnel check after clearing, money orders, cash. Looking to work on a new project! Thank you for looking.


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Early models had Chambers locks and 44 inch barrels. His later had his lock and 42 inch barrels. Which one do you have for sale?

My gun has a 44" barrel, not sure whose lock it is, assumed it is a Kibler, works great. I'll take the lock off and see if there is anything to let me know which one it is.

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Early models had Chambers locks and 44 inch barrels. His later had his lock and 42 inch barrels. Which one do you have for sale?

New to the forum and just learning, but I believe Jim’s earlier SMR’s came with Jim Chamber’s locks as stated, but a 46” barrel. His newest kits come with a 44 inch barrel, not 42.

well i am no real builder, but i build the Kibler's too, i am on my 5th SMR and should have it done by Wednesday of this week. i am retired and 66 years old, i do hunt but keep busy by doing these guns. i have reluctantly i sold 2 of them, LOL and probably will sell this one to fund one more build. keep it going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
as far as i know all Kibler SMR are swamped barrels. my 45 Kibler in maple weighs a little less than 6 1/2 pounds, it is a tack driver and has a green mountain barrel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
On the .45 walnut Kibler mountain rifle, you may consider it sold. I can do PayPal or anything else you might desire. Two things I need to ask for, I live in Alaska, just outside of Anchorage, and so you will need to come up with the shipping costs and add it to my bill. Second, I am new to doing a purchase on the forum, so should particulars be discussed by email as the normal procedure? As to shipping, USPO is as good as UPS or FED-X when it comes to possible shipping damage, although it is rare in almost all cases and USPS is less expensive.
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