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Simon Kenton grave

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40 Cal
Aug 21, 2019
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Was at his grave site in Urbana Ohio yesterday. There were the usual coins left on top and then I spotted some else.... A loaded 9 m\m round! Yikes! Methinks a musket ball would have been more appropriate.
Thats a BIG tombstone he has !! LOL ! ( the monument ) ... He was buried somewhere else but then was dug up and moved to.the present site ..Was funny ....My buddy Lew , since gone west , took me to see Simon Kenton grave . He was standing there telling me Simons life story as police cars with lights on and sirens roaring started surrounding the graveyard . Then this guy goes running by shortly followed by running police officers ...Lew has stopped talking or even acknowledged the police presence !!! The officers drag the guy back past us , get in their cars and leave ....then Lew finishes his story about Kenton and says " So , what do.you think about Kenton ?" LMAO !!! Lew was a trip !! Sure miss him ....He probably talking with Simon now ....