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Gene Perryman

36 Cal.
Nov 16, 2005
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I shot my smoke pole today. I took my TC Renegade FL to the range today for the first time in about 5 or 6 years, but I was only able to shoot 8 rounds (PRB ) before m,y back gave out on me.. There were no misfires or hangfires as everything went perfect. I'll have to do this again in a couple of days before it gets too hot.
I hope everyone else are enjoying their rifles and pistols. I've been watching some of the Black Powder Guy on Youtube. He has dispelled several BP myths....
Happy shooting !!!
I can’t wait to go shooting, I have a range hear at my house. This surgery recovery has really cramped my style. I start physical therapy tomorrow am. I’m hoping they can fix me.
I hope so too. And you better skip the Jeeper's Jamboree this year. That could really jar sumpin loose.
My parents once lived in Georgetown. Big deal up there.
Get better ! SW
I have a Cabela' shooting bench that I leave out in the weather covered, I don't really like the way it is built so I am going to take the top off and replace it with pressure treated boards that are more tailored to my shooting style.


Just got the garden in and have several projects ahead of the bench overhaul so it may be a while.
I LOVE shooting my front stuffers. In Fact I do about twice a week, I have a small 40 Yard Pistol and M/L range at my place, just a short walk out the back door. And my gun club is only 4 miles from the house for the longer work. So shooting is pretty convenient for me. Most of the time I would rather shoot my M/L's over the modern stuff. Its more satisfying to me. Its a slower more enjoyable process. And besides there's no brass to sweep up, I didn't round through a hundred bucks with he quickness either.
I hope so too. And you better skip the Jeeper's Jamboree this year. That could really jar sumpin loose.
My parents once lived in Georgetown. Big deal up there.
Get better ! SW
I’ve never been on the Jeepers Jamboree, I’ve lived here 24 years. There’s just too many people at that event for me. I plan our trips around all the big events so we can enjoy it more.
I’ve been spending a good bit of time at my range which is 20 minutes from my house. I’ve been shooting only black powder these last 8 months and I don’t see going back to unmentionables. They are tools for me at this point. I’ll keep some of them around in case but BP brings me a level of satisfaction that nothing else does. I spent 4 hours on the range last week in 62 degree weather with no one else in sight and I swear I died and went to Heaven.
Glad to read it was a good trip Gene, even if it was a short one. I should hopefully be able to get in some range time after the holiday weekend. Had my daughter's college graduation, put the garden in. I about have the drip irrigation system figured out. Then my days will consist of shooting, fishing and mowing in no particular order. Throw in some meat smoking and some bourbon breaks, early summer is looking good. At least on paper😉