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SOLD Reduced: Extra Large OD Green Capote $145 free shipping

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Nov 23, 2021
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Terrebonne, Oregon, U.S.A
Hi folks, FrontierTrapper92 here formerly Clanman92, after a long hiatus I am back to making capotes! I have for your consideration and extra large green capote made new from an 80% wool green O.D style reproduction military blanket. Cut from an original capote pattern from 1976, this capote was hand sewn with simulated sinew using a backstitch. Features grey yarn blanket stitching on front and sleeves. There is an antler toggle on the front and the leather and ties are Buffalo leather, they were left in knotted at the end so you can adjust them to your preference. That particular antler tip came from eastern Oregon. There are five hand cut by me antler buttons adorning the hood from a deer in the deschutes national forest near Bend Oregon. There is also a beaded rosette on the hood with duck feathers adorning it (they are easily removable if you don’t want them there).This pattern is for an extra large person or chest size 44-52 but my measurements are as follows; length from shoulder to bottom of capote =44 inches. Sleeve from shoulder to wrist= 28 inches. Width around waist approx.= 58 inches. For size reference my father who is modeling the capote is 6ft 3 inches 240 lbs and it fits him comfortably. Thanks for looking. Price is $225 free shipping included. Sorry no trades. I am accepting USPS Money order, personal check, PayPal “Friend and Family” only, or cash only. Will ship upon receival of payment. Shipping is free to lower 48 USA 🇺🇸 only.
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