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SOLD Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle .45 Percussion 500$ SHIPPED!

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32 Cal
Jun 21, 2023
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Saint Charles Missouri
Gun isn't pretty but shoots well, I had to retap the nipple hole after purchase the drum got a little banged up in the process but cleanout screw comes out easily, hasn't been an issue since I replaced it, will include additional replacement nipple and 400ish roundballs. I wanted a Hawken style rifle and after I got my GPR I pretty much stopped using this. Likes a thin patch and 445 ball in my experience!

Would consider a trade for a flinter specifically a smoothbore or a Kibler but will consider all types.

Obviously, it would include cash on my end for a more expensive rifle, have ample funds just don't need this particular rifle.

Pedersoli 1.jpg
Pedersoli 2.jpg
Pedersoli 3.jpg
Pedersoli 4.jpg
Pedersoli 5.jpg
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Read the classified guidelines. you need a piece of paper with your name and current date in one picture of the item. If not it gets deleted.
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