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Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol kit question

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Dec 10, 2023
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Macomb Twp, MI
How do I get these pins out. I believe the are 2mm. I can't get them to budge. I don't want the punch to roll off the pins and go into the wood.
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You have to use a slightly smaller "pin" punch (ie it has a flat face) and with close attention to proper alignment and very light tapping with a small hammer you should be able to do that. Based on your description, I think you're either working with the wrong kind of punch, or you're attempting to drive rounded pins. My Kentucky is a Traditions; it has no pins, so I can't speak to what pins are in the Pedersoli variant, but just first determine whether or not they're tapered pins and whether or not they're rounded. You want to drive them toward the larger and rounded side if they are. If both ends are rounded, I think you'll still be OK if you're careful, steady of hand, have good eyesight, and are using the right kind of punch. Sometimes magnification can help with that last variable. Good luck!!
You can see in the image the pins are rounded. I'm going to be getting a 5/64" parallel pin punch. I may need to get a starter punch.
Light taps with a punch to start, once the pin has moved below the surface of the wood, the wood will guide the punch. So long as the punch is slightly smaller than the pin and you start slow, recentering between each blow, you shouldn't have to worry.
I have a 1977 Kentucky (AC) date code and there is a screw in the ramrod channel to remove the barrel, also remove the tang screw. The pins you show are for the ramrod thimble. I hope this helps you and merry Christmas
I can't upload a picture if I figure it out I will.

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