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paper cartridges in my 51 navy

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Mar 13, 2020
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On the Border in Idaho looking at BC
while sitting here needing something to do, i cruised into the dark realm of blackpowder mystics on youtube. big mistake!
i have had a 51 navy for about 15 years and a walker about the same length of time. both have maybe 3 cylinders fired through them. i detested the loading procedure.
i watched a vid about making paper cartridges. next thing i knew i was turning a mandrel and drilling a capping block. wife was chirping about slow coffee filters so they migrated into my mess.
printed off the pattern for the papers and went to work cutting and gluing. big fly in the ointment was i only have super glue. not going to stop me! after i glued 5 or 6 papers to my fingers, mandrel, and block, that little fly did stop me. i may be slow but i can learn.
well i got to digging about in my night stand and found a pack of bugler's rolling papers. i had watched more than one video;)!
these papers had been in the glove box of a pick-up i got rid of 20 years ago, along with a candle.
after i destroyed most of the papers getting them apart, i cut one in half, rolled it around my tapered mandrel and in the best old west fashion licked the glue edge. it actually worked!
i then twisted the overhanging tail, stuffed it in my block, smacked it on the counter to crush it flat. made five more. charged them with 25g fffg, them with the remaining super glue dabbed on the 454 balls topped them off. left them for about 2 hours and loaded them in the navy.
this was all after dark last night. about 1 am i woke with the two brain cells i have talking to each other. "what if those balls are super glued to the cylinder? says one . Naw! says the other. they kept it up all night.
just fired my first 6 paper cartridges and those two idiots can go to sleep now!.
Have the wife picking me up some new papers and a glue stick. options. got to have options. don't take much to occupy a old fart.
keep yer powder dry!
these are made for my navy. paper is long enough for the walker too. of course i crush the ball down to the powder in the navy. smoke em if you got em!


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