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New Muzzleloaders and have some questions

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I will try this Evaporust, thanks for the suggestion. What is the best way to keep rust off it. I have now read on various posts here that the Satin Finish of these muskets is partly to blame. Do I oil the musket daily ? Or just oil is once and put it away. Also what oil do I store it with ?
I'd get some Birchwood Casey Barricade, and wipe it down with that. You have to check them from time to time, depending on humidity and such.

I have a question to ask about the Mortimer Shotgun. An older fella who is a retired Gunsmith told me before test firing the shotgun regardless of the previous owner's use to plug the nipples and fill the barrels with denatured alcohol so see if any leaks where the two barrels were soldered together. One Nipple is removeable the other is the original non removeable. What is the best way to plug a percussion nipple when its still attached to the firearm ? is there a cap I can buy that seals the nipple or do I just put some tape over it ? Has anyone ever heard of this test use of Alcohol either? The gunsmith is 83 years old so I would assume he isn't making this up.... lol.