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New Member - Pennsylvania

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Jan 7, 2024
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Forum Members,

Obligatory introduction…I’m a new member here, though have lurked the last year or so when digging for random info on the web.

I’m a Pennsylvania resident (northwestern); retired military and current freelance writer. I’ve enjoyed firearms as far back as I can remember, but got a late start in the ML game.

Current/latest project was a percussion shotgun from Mountain Man Musket Co in Knox, PA. Outside of the barrel, all metal parts used were from a 54 cal TC Hawken. I managed to finish up a stock for it this week after having everything in hand for about one year and plan on shooting before the weekend is over. We have a few weeks of small game season left in PA and several months before spring turkey season.

Searching for some standard loading procedures here prompted me to say “hello”.

I hope your hunting seasons have been productive for 2023/2024!



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