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New Member from Michigan

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32 Cal
May 3, 2024
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Hi everyone.

New guy here from Michigan.

Still a somewhat rookie with muzzleloading (traditional). About 8-10 years back I was far more into it. I had a 32 cal pedersoli flintlock that I used quite a bit. Man, what a frustrating gun to start out on. All I wanted to do was squirrel hunt. Well I sold that (some how I do not regret it) and at some point picked up a Late 80's CVA Hawken 50 cal made in spain. Caplock. Much more to my liking, at least back then. The plan was to use it for the muzzleloading season here in Michigan. Well, turns out, a bunch of weeks hunting archery, then two weeks for rifle season, makes it hard to get away from the family in ML season.

Anyway, I will have a question I'm going to post looking for some advice from you experienced guys. I'm looking forward to having a fun conversation :)
Welcome.. from MA

MI. Hunted the thumb a few years. public and private.
Welcome from New York State's Central-Leatherstocking region.

Flintlocks can be frustrating. You have to find one with good lock geometry and proper fitment of the lock to the barrel. They don't fall out of the butt of a CNC machine, unfortunately. My first was a .32 Tennessee Squirrel Rifle from DGW some 40 years ago and it was a hopeless mess. Maybe 20% ignition rate. But that was before the Internet and just maybe I could have figured it out with the help of a website like this one.

I have two now, a 0.54" rifle and a 0.66" smoothbore, that are almost 100% ignition rate (the smoothbore I shot 30 times in a row as an experiment only loading and priming. No frizzen wiping or vent picking or messing with the flint. No misfires). But they weren't cheap. On the other hand . . . I only need two: a rifle and a smoothbore. And the rifle has a lot of dust on it.
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