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New guy here….54 cal

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32 Cal
Oct 28, 2023
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Hi folks, just a quick intro. My name is Johnny and I have been shooting muzzleloaders for about the last 20 years primarily for hunting. I am lucky enough to be carrying a Lyman Great Plains with both the GPR and GPH in 54 cal.

I have mainly shot PRB but just decided to get into conicals more. Of course I just woke up to the fact that Hornady discontinued their Great Plains 54 bullet ☹️ which was my go to. So now I will be adding Casting to my long list of hobbies.

web searches for 54 mould options kept leading me to this forum, so here I am. Have already picked up lots of good info and look forward to learning more. Thanks in advance to the Admins for maintaining this great Forum!!


PS: be on the lookout for my WTB for T/C or Lyman moulds in 54….lol
Welcome, wish you lived closer, I could share...A .54 round ball with 80grs FFF Goes has been my go to load for a few decades... :)


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