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My first horn of '24

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40 Cal
Apr 28, 2020
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South Rim, Utah
I've finished my first horn of '24 and its ready for a new home, will be posting for sale later today. I just wanted to share the build process on this one. This was my first attempt at a hand fit plug which went surprisingly well. Normally I make turned plugs. This one started as a piece of extra fancy curly maple from my "top shelf" stash. I did a tracing of the exterior and guessed at the interior, chiseled it down and filed it smooth. After some fitting I got the horn warmed up and gave the plug a single whack. It sealed perfectly and hasn't budged since and I've filed and sanded and stained it and given it every reason to loosen up but it hasn't, I'm sure it didn't need it but I pinned it in place with 4x hardwood pins.
The applied tip and stopper are both curly maple also from my stash of extra fancy wood.
It's right at 15" from end of base to tip of spout along the outside bend and 7.5" circumference the widest. Forged staple in the rear, curly maple throughout. This would be an *excellent* candidate for scrim, the only reason I haven't scrimmed it yet is I dont want to have to decide what to do on it haha. Thanks for looking.


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