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Movie/TV switching to replicas industry-wide

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Jun 17, 2019
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In the wake of the tragic accident with the "Rust" movie set, the entire industry is trying to switch to realistic replicas with close-ups, etc. TV and movie producers are attempting to completely eliminate 'real' firearms from use; some of the replica arms are pretty real-looking! Just another reason to emphasize safety, which always comes first!
Definitely for the best.

You CAN NOT follow the rules of gun safety, and point them at other people at the same time.

If Hollywood wants to maintain its perverse obsession with portraying gun violence, car chases, explosions, etc as a form of entertainment, they need to find an alternative way of doing so.
My long time buddy and best man at my wedding, is one of the main armorers for the film industry in NM. He was called to do the armorer duties AFTER folks on the set of RUST voiced concerns over the capabilities of Hanna Reid. He declined as he was working on another production. He has since been interviewed many times about what happened that day. I've worked with him on a western series as assistant armorer. The steps we took to assure safe weapons and loading were rigorous, every single blank round was visually verified by at least three other sets of eyes prior to handing the guns to the actors. All actors were coached in use of the guns as well. There were no shortcuts taken at any time. Baldwin cut corners everywhere and it resulted in a near mutiny of crew personnel and the tragic death and injury of two innocent people. I do see the trend being the use of post production to overlay muzzle flashes, smoke and noise with non-firing guns becoming the norm. My buddy will possibly be out of a job then and he's already struggling since the stupid SAG/AFTRA strike started. It's supposed to end in an agreement next month so we'll see how they start up productions again and how firearms are to be managed.