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Lock screw placement

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Feb 17, 2016
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I saw something in a publication that talked about slightly angling one of the lock screws but can't 1!QAzxsw2@ it. Any thoughts?

Front or rear? Angle front to rear, top to rear or both?
Any significant angling from 90 degrees from the plane of the sideplate risks the side bolt head being noticeably digging in on one edge and lifted up on the opposite. I’d not want that look, nor would I want the sideplate lock panel slanted from 90 degrees from the top barrel flat.
Sometimes with leaner stocks that have a 3/8 rammer the forward bolt is moved on an upward angle slightly. However I’d advise against this.

An easier solution is to switch to a number six side lock bolt and taper down the 3/8 rod to a 5/16 rod until you’ve got full. Clearance.

You can also had a ribbon spring to the stock to push the rammer downward in the stock so it clears the bolt.