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SOLD Hudson Bay Camp Knife

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The Crown & Cutlass
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Oct 3, 2018
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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Howdy folks!

I have for sale another Hudson Bay style camp knife that I just finished. This handcrafted knife features an 8.75" blade of 3/16" thick 1075 high carbon steel. The handle is 4.75" long and is made from Padauk. It is slightly aged with some nice carved designs between the steel pins. Overall length is 13.5". The tang is slightly tapered to 1/8".

This knife was made to represent a re-hafted Hudson Bay Camp knife. It comes with a very nice decorated leather sheath with brass tacks. The sheath was made using premium veg tanned leather and stitched with 100% pure linen thread.

My asking price for this one of a kind piece is $250 USD via PayPal. Shipping to Canada and the US is included.

Thanks for looking!

Randy Reichert

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This is a great-looking knife and I imagine it sold right off, very well done Randy! I have an original Jukes Coulson & Co. version with the bison horn scales and brass hardware handle but understand that the Hudson Bay Company camp type knife was not made until the mid 19th century, although similar heavy knives/cleavers were known to be used as early as 1809, according to The Encyclopedia of Trade Goods 2, Gun Accessories and Hand Weapons of the Fur Trade by James A. Hanson. Does anyone know more about these heavy "buffalo" or "chief" type knives, later traded by HBC? A few photos of mine are attached and I'd appreciate knowing if anyone can document it to before 1840.


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