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How to refinish Chromium Trioxide

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Apr 20, 2012
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I was gifted a Sharon kit rifle from the 1970 it was finished with Chromium Trioxide and now had turned green. My question is what it's the best way to refinish this rifle? Know some people will say leave it alone but if a person was to try and refinish it what would be the best way? Can you use stain stripper? Or just good old sand paper?
If you can get the finish off, you do not need to remove the chromium trioxide. Stain over the top with a good alcohol based stain, like LMF and it will kinda cancel out the green. Once you get the color you want, seal it up again with varnish or oil of your choice.
Will the chromium trioxide bleed through the new stain at some point? Or will it overpower it?
All most everyone leaves to much wood on a kit so maybe you can file and sand it off. A picture would be of value when asking advice.
Here are some pictures of the rifle.


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Nice rifle, I’d use a stripper then light sanding with backers. Your choice of stain and then a good top finish like Tru Oil or varnish.
Just curious so asking can you finish a stock with boiled linseed oil or do you need to do something else that is more or a sealer.
Based on 50 years of experience, I would not use BLO as a stand alone finish. However, using it as a finish is an idea that causes nearly as much debate as a patch lube, pyrodex, or what kind of oil threads. Do a search on "BLO".

I'd sand/ scrape the rifle back to white wood. Then stain with ferric nitrate, then assess. IF it need more I use dye stains. No hardware store stains are suitable for a maple gunstock.
Its always hard to tell from photographs, but it looks like a very nice, trim rifle. I'm with Scota, I'd take it back to the white, making it even nicer and trimer. I think I would go with one of the alcohol based dye's though like Laurel Mountain, maybe a combo.
If it were mine I'd use cabinet scrapers to take it down to white and restain and refinish.