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Help!, I'm stuck

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Sep 14, 2020
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Northern Arizona
I have a Armi Sport 1874 Percussion Sharps Rifle. So far only managed to fire one shot. The sliding sleeve is causing me problems. Previously I had a Pedersoli Military 1859 rifle, bought over 20 years ago. I always used paper cartridges and never had any problems.
This time I thought I would try the brass cartridges, I also made some paper cartridges like the old days. I fired one shot, the breach was so tight I could not open it, when I got home I had to use a dowel and soft mallet to open the breach. It seemed the sliding sleeve moved back, (As I'm told it should to seal the breach) but it was stuck. I soaked it in WD40 for a couple days and was able to remove it. Now it doesn't want to go back. I miked it and now it seems to have a taper, .804 on one end and .811 on the other.

Has this happened to anyone else, your suggestions? Can I order, from somewhere a new sleeve? I don't have access to a lathe any more

Thanks for any help Packrat
Have you considered a modification? There are two people doing them. A Mr Flees and a Mr Kahn. I have the Flees mod and it works excellent!!! Had lots of problems before I changed it.
1874 Sharps Percussion? IIRC, that should be a centerfire cartridge gun.

That aside, Flees or Hahn is the way to go with a Sharps.