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Hello from Utah

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Howdy Hogleg, welcome to the forum from North Texas up by the Muddy Red River.
We have plenty here who shoot at distance for target and fun.
I have been watching videos about itand decided to give it a try. I already shoot modern rifles long range.
I've been into muzzleloading since 1976. I Iive in central Utah. Just starting to get into long range shooting with my 54 renegade.
Halito from Oklahoma! Welcome to the board, I'm sure you'll find these folks here very pleasant and great company like I have found them to be. You'll feel right at home here, and find a wealth of knowledge too, many a wise head here. I've learned so much from this forum that it'll last me till my end days. I also have a 54 cal Renegade, it's the one I'm firing in my profile picture. I hope you enjoy it here! Chi pisa la chike!