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Hello from the PNW

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Thanks for the warm greetings. And thank you for the tip on the events Alexitt. I missed the show this weekend. I was in the woods with my kids. I missed the delivery on my TC Hawken Friday, so I wasted some powder and lead with my 1860 Army and CVA Wolf.
Ive seen it take 3-4 shots 54 cal. out by Rainer to down an elk.
It took the fool over an hour to drop it. The game warren and our party were witness to it.

Howdee from down the road a spell.
Johnny, Funny you should mention the 54. I ended up buying a 54 off a member here on the forum. My goal is to drop an elk with a round ball. Hopefully it takes less than 4 shots, I don’t reload that fast. I’m in my 40s, I figure a have 30 or more years to pull off my plan. I may need that much time to get close enough to an elk to put a round ball in the boiler maker.

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