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Getting too many misfires

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I'm not sure what your cleaning habits are with the rifle, so at this point I would say to try some Triple 7, but that might not be the right answer either. I have a TC Cougar that was having ignition issues with Triple 7, all of my other cap guns love the stuff. I ended up using 3F Goex and the issue was completely resolved, I am fortunate to have a large stock of black powder and several cans of Triple 7. Another thing to try is buy some different nipples, I'm not a fan of the Treso nipples, I bought a 3 pack of them for my TC Patriot pistol, constant misfires with them, I notices the hole was much smaller compared to the factory nipple, they made their way to the garbage can. I still have a half can of Pyrodex Select 2F and a full can of Pyrodex P that have not been touched since Triple 7 hitting the market years ago.
The Lyman, TC, etc patent breeches have a long flame channel from nipple to powder charge. Easily clogged. I much prefer a flat-faced breechplug and a drum with cleanout screw. Easy to clean with a pipe cleaner, directly to the powder charge, no corners to go around. Can't remember the last time I had a misfire. Just my 2 cents.
I've had multiple Investarms and TC percussion muzzleloaders (7-8?). Still have three. Have used most subs, now use black powder.

Our deer season is five weeks, temps +/- 32° with sleet - freezing rain - wet snow (or colder!).

1. Use a sub-caliber scraper to keep breech chamber clear of carbon fowling, especially with subs like Pyrodex. Make sure it's small enough to not get stuck!
2. Use one of the above mentioned methods to make sure flame passage and chamber is 100% free of oils/greases. Alcohol / acetone / break cleaner. There's no need to snap caps if this is done correctly.
3. Smaller granules seem better than larger. I had better luck with Pyro 'P' than with 'RS', or 3f than 2f. I assume this has to do with 'bridging' in the powder chamber.
4. Lastly, all mine now sport 'musket' nipples. I tried all the "super hot #11 nipples", they did not seem more reliable than a standard #11 nipple. Musket caps are just easier to handle in the woods.

I leave mine loaded and in the cold (& dry) for the season. Out of probably 50 discharges I did have 2 short/quick hang-fires (with the subs). The good news is the hang-fires make me work on my follow-through, one of my weak points.

The down side of the musket caps is that there is a noticeable loss in accuracy in my rifles. My groups seem to open up an inch or two (depends on the particular rifle). This is between 50 to 75 yards. So a solid 2" shooter at 60 yards shoots into 3" at 60-70 yards. It works for our deer, and deer hunting.
For the second time in a week my Lyman GPR popped the cap but failed to ignite the charge while lined up on a pig. What can I do to get more reliable ignition? Different nipple or cap? I typically leave the charged rifle out in the truck overnight so as not to induce condensation coming out of a warm camper in the morning. Recommendations welcome. Here is my set up:
90 gr Pyrodex
CCI #11 cap
Stock nipple
If using Pyrodex make sure you are using a magnum cap like CCI Magnum or RWS plus. That will typically take care of the misfires with substitutes.
My DIY caps are stronger than any #11 I've ever used and stronger than musket caps.
That's good to know. I've looked at my kit in the drawer many times and read the various threads. Shortly after I bought the cap maker I got into flintlocks ...... I actually do not remember the last time I shot one of my caplocks. Maybe I'll get the caplocks out at the family reunion this summer and set up some shooting activities. :)

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