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Finally getting to an Introduction from Florida......

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32 Cal
Aug 15, 2023
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Treasure Coast, Florida
It's been awhile since I joined but I've been out of circulation for a bit with several broken ribs. Finally tested my squirrel rifle last week and I think I'm good to go. Hopefully heal a bit more and on to a promising .577. Got hooked on muzzleloaders when Navy Arms and Val Forgett were in Ridgefield, NJ. in '67. Then came Military Service. (USArmy 68-71.) Carved Carousel Horses for many years. Fast forward to retirement and dug out the carving chisels again and trying to get the hands working properly.
I know some of you personally already and have appreciated your help and knowledge in the past but I'm not done asking questions and help just yet so don't run away!


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