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Does this look right to you ?

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It is about what a person likes, obviously. I was given a muzzle loader that shot great but was defaced by similar artistic endeavors. I gave it away because I can not stand to look at that type of thing. To each his own.
Not really something I would do to a new kit. But If I came into that rifle, I would do like others have suggested with the front sight, and clean up the file work in the muzzle and make it more uniform. I mean I would look kind of neat if it was done a little better. And hey, its a good excuse to strip and refinish the barrel finish.
Admittedly not a real risk here on a low pressure bp ml, it's just the idea of filing in v-notch stress riser cracks in the muzzle of a gun barrel... yikes...

I have seen a lot uglier "improvements" than that, I would file off the sight wings and if it shot well I would leave it alone.

Tell your buddies it helps direct the gas leaving the barrel and improves accuracy, pretty soon everyone will be doing it.
that would ruin your day
I actually witnessed a banana peel barrel failure like that as a young boy - my older cousin blew up a shotgun. Can't remember, I don't think it was a damascus twist, but it was an old gun not suited for modern ammo. Luckily no injuries.
Unfinished barrel. Trenches in the muzzle. Ugly-d up sight. Black, streaky mess on the nose cap. And what looks like an anemic finish on the wood.

Whoever did that created a pricey piece of junk. But it is redeemable... if these are the only unsightly features. My guess is the rest of the brass is probably unsightly as well.

Take the sights off and draw file the barrel properly. Then you can find someone to fill those gouges in with a welder. Take down the wood, and take the finish off the nose cap (and other brass if it needs it); then re do everything.