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Dangers of Touch Hole Picks

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no lie there! i have a small bottle of O2 , you know, the back pack size, that has that califorinia warning label on it!
I wonder what kind of cancer Californians get from Carbon Dioxide?
I got a tiny jar of inletting black from Track that had the Prop 65 warning adding Not For Sale in Ca.
Since I’m in California I thought it was as funny as they no doubt did! ;)
Well I was at our local indoor range and had just finished shooting when someone shot the sprinkler system. That set off the alarms and caused the sprinklers to spray down the range. It shut the store down too. They cannot turn it off until the fire department checks it out first. That was a true event.
I never underestimate the ability of people to do stupid and bizarre things. This particular story might be fiction but I believe it could or has already happened somewhere.
Do I get one of your horns for calling it first? ;)

Great story Bob! You are not only an Artist but now a Novelist as well! I'm still laughing at it. Hope to see you soon at our range, we should be safe as there is only sunshine.
I’m glad you liked it! I’ll be at the meeting on Saturday- see you there hopefully!
Disclaimer: the story I wrote was pure fiction. Something I created for a laugh.
I had not even imagined that people would think it was a true event.

Ahh, the never ending suprises of Social Media 😬
I was waiting to hear if the alarm bells rang all the way to central Intelligence, then to central command who authorized national defense to prepare for an atomic attack from China or Russia, when our nuclear silos were keyed and our arsenal was activated causing the firing of our hypersonic nuclear rockets which then detonated nuclear explosions over Moscow and Beijing, who in turn caused our emergency sirens around the country to activate...should we head for our nuclear shelters now or wait for the announcement that all is well?
Well considering how trigger happy the SWAT teams and police are today, if an event like that happened at a range people would have very likely been shot.

It is something of a miracle that the police haven’t shot innocent families with the Swatting incidents that are happening all over.
Which means it can’t be sold in California.
Those people out there seem to be particularly vulnerable to all kinds of injuries from all kinds of objects and substances.
It probably causes cancer in California. Like every other product does in California
A word of caution to Flintlock shooters.
Your touch hole pick could possibly cause insurmountable injury without proper caution.
This is one mere example of the risks inherent with touch hole picks.
A man was at a public range just last week. Evidently he was on the line and had a misfire. Witnesses report that he seemed to wait a few moments and then reached into his pocket to use his touch hole pick.
That’s when it all happened.
While grabbing the sharp pick he pricked his finger and let out a blood-curdling scream of pain. Others on the firing line were not paying mind to the man and when he screamed out several shooters, already aiming and another preparing to fire were jolted by the very startling scream and several unintended shots rang out,.
The good news is that all the rounds went down range. Sort of.
The bad news is that one bullet struck the lamp post at the end of the 100 yard target line. That caused the light to short out and the electrical system evidently failed to shut down and there was a massive electrical burst that blew the transformer.
The range was equipped with an emergency alert system which sent an alarm to the nearby County Fire Department who responded immediately. What’s more, the explosion alerted nearby residents who notified LE of a possible bombing. County and City SWAT responded within minutes as general mayhem erupted at the range. Shooters, observers and guests ran in every direction looking for a safe place to hide. That’s when the Fire Department arrived and the SWAT team, accompanied by State and local police.
The area was surrounded and orders were made by megaphone for all persons to drop their weapons. Several very affluent members refused to drop their highly priced guns and, well you can imagine what happened.
One man approached the officers in a panic with a bloody finger. Paramedics responded immediately and wrapped his finger with bandages and rushed him off to the hospital.
All other parties at the range were placed under protective custody and not allowed to leave until all their guns were removed, identification checked and information taken.
By 8:00PM the scene was cleared and everyone was permitted to return home pending the investigation.
The man with the touch hole pick injury was treated and sent home a half hour after being treated at the hospital clinic.
Just a little example of the potential harm that can happen with an unsecured Touch Hole pick.
Al Gore has started a touch hole pick monitoring program; any pick not complying with his consulting firms criteria will be fined every day it it out of regulation. His firm will hold fine proceeds globally for dispersal later to those organizations so helpful in fighting this threat to world security..
it is hard for me to fathom a man reacting to a pin prick that way. unfortunately i don't need to imagine it. i see it more and as American "men" are neutered.
if i don't see my own blood about once a day, i am in bed sick! my wife looks at me staggering by and says "you're leaking again":D
Being in the wood flooring sales/installation/repair/ my shop/warehouse was located several miles from home and more than 10 miles from the nearest medical clinic. While modifying some floor trim with the table saw I chewed up the tips of three fingers of my left hand. By clenching them into the palm I stopped the bleeding and finished the few remaining pieces, locked the shop and headed to the doc-in-a-box to see how much skin could be found to be stitched back. A few miles down the road I thought it might be a good idea to call wife and let her know I might be a bit late getting home. She wanted to know If I needed some one to drive me, I said no, I’m half way there now. A few yrs later grand son started to work for me. He got so used to seeing my blood he said the same as your wife, "Uh, Paw, You’re leaking again."
this is what i use. unfortunately i have to travel to find them and the little buggers take years of training to pick the vent. I engrave my liners to look like a flower blossom. they are only good for one pick though. they back out spitting and head for south America.
need to build a tropical Avery or move to warmer climes. anyone have a way of making fouling taste like nectar?

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