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Blunderbuss pistol

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Commodore Swab

Blunderbuss Builder
MLF Supporter
Jul 5, 2012
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I've almost collected enough parts to get started on a GAoP Spanish blunderbuss pistol.
Last original I saw was $600, but it looked unused. I’d just prowl the euro auction sites , they come up there once in a while.
You need a miquelet lock on that! But they are hard to get….
I thought about using a miquelet (I've got a couple here) but this is an early Spanish french style from the rifle shoppe pre 1752 pattern, I have an original "1752" that is pre the 52 pattern stamped with their crowned R. This lock is pre that so I would date it in the teens. The other bits I picked up when I was at TRS and are left over pieces they had not listed in their catalog. The large miquelet (TRS) is reserved for a different project and the small for a ripoll pistol. It's very difficult finding a proper miquelet that is pre 1700.
I assume you'll use the rococo side plate and not the KY side plate? I'd leave the belt hook off too. Nothing says dork like a guy with a pistol with a belt hook.
I’m currently sawing and filing one out , I have more time than $$ right now….😵‍💫
I think both plates are way to late for GAoP but the pierced one would be the lesser of the two evils
Not even worth responding to. If you have something of value to add perhaps.
Was it the dork with the belt hook thing? :dunno:
I didn't think it was directed at me. Figured you were refering to Spanish guns as they would go so far as to integrate the belt hook with the side plate. For that reason I figured you didn't like Spanish pieces and it wasnt worth responding to. Having a piece of brass to file down and reshape wasn't worth explaining either.


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I assume you'll use the rococo side plate and not the KY side plate? I'd leave the belt hook off too. Nothing says dork like a guy with a pistol with a belt hook.

...oh ya, the dork in full garb trying to palm hide a camcorder when someone pulls out a camera


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Hi Commodore

That looks like a really cool project. (Where did you get the barrel ?) Some notes for what it's worth......

As you alluded to, the Spanish military changed from using the miquelet lock to the French style of flintlock around 1750. Then, changed back to the miquelet lock about 1790 as they thought the miquelet lock was stronger. I don't see any issue with using the lock you intend to use. And the Spanish style hardware will look great.

Locks: The only Pre-1700 miquelet lock that I know of is a kit from TRS. (I used these for a pair of 1660's horse pistols I had made). Even original locks from this period are extremely difficult to find, as you mention.

Blunderbuss: The blunderbuss barrel (especially shoulder stock variety) remained popular in Spain all the way up through the 1850's - still being made in percussion. Seems they remained popular as personal protection weapons that could easily be hidden under a cloak.

Belt Hook: It seems the Spanish were especially fond of belt hooks. Even with the earliest pistols. In my 40+ years I've seen far more original Spanish pistols with belt hooks versus not. And most of the pistols that were missing a belt hook, you could see the retaining hole where the belt hook once existed.

This project should end up with a super looking "pirate" style pistol, per say. LOL Can't wait to see this one finished.