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Awfully quiet over at Kiblers.

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36 Cal.
Dec 31, 2007
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OK Jim what gives? Haven't heard any updates lately on the smooth bore. How far out are we looking at? I know you're busy, just gotta ask

Heard that he back-burnered the smoothbore project just for now.

He realized we all "need" Companion Pistols to compliment the fine rifles that we already have.

He needs to make room in the shop...and the pistol kits are using up all the barrel cuttings, and scrap wood left over from the rifles. This was a good call:thumb:
I’m pretty sure I’ll get one eventually but I’m still trying to make friends with my trade gun at this time
You know, I've been tossing around the Idea of a trade gun instead of a "Fowler" per say. I mean what could a Fowler do that a trade gun could not? The Fowler would be a little lighter, right? The prices would probably be about the same I would think, no knowing what Kibler is gonna list at. Just speculation

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