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Another Hog with the October Country .62

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Jan 23, 2024
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Ran over to my new lease afternoon hoping for a crack at a hog.

As I started down the hill towards the bottom i jumped a big group and as they took off it sounded like they were tearing the woods down.

It was still pretty early so I made my way on down to the stand. I had just settled down and was priming the pan on my .62 caliber flintlock when I heard something moving across the draw. Sure enough it was another hog.
I watched her for 10 minutes rooting around under the pine timber before she finally turned towards the bottom.

She was about 50 yards from me when she dropped off into the creek bed and I lost sight of her.

I was just about to give out and let the rifle down when she popped out straight away from me at 30 yards.

I was holding a steady bead on her noggin waiting on her to turn.

I have a strange ability to zone out at the shot and it served me well for 50 years of hunting with my recurve.

My mind just kinda goes blank as I stare over the sights and as she started to turn it startled me when the gun went off.

She made a 50 yard dash before pilling up.
The round ball had entered right in front of the near side shoulder and exited the off side back hip.

It was not quite dark when I had her winched up into the back of the ranger so I beat it off down to another creek to set until dark


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