SOLD .62 English Sporting Rifle Kit

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Aug 31, 2014
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This listing is for a custom English sporting rifle kit. I listed various parts of this kit previously, but since I am now selling it as a complete kit, I am starting over with a new listing to avoid confusion. I am asking $850 shipped in CONTUS for this kit. The barrel is Colerain's swamped .62 rifled Griffin fowler barrel. The barrel has had a hooked breech from Track installed by Bobby Hoyt, and comes with a tang which has been shaped to fit the barrel. The barrel is 40" and weighs only 3 pounds and 5 ounces! The barrel is 1.08" at the breech. Bore is completely clean and bright, and the barrel is in new condition with just a few very small dark spots. The stock is a pre-inleted Grade #3 semi fancy walnut stock done by David Keck. The stock has developed a check the the butt which will be barely noticeable when finished. I have put duck tape over the crack to keep it from developing further. This kit does not have sights, I have a small brass solder on fusil sight, which I will include if you would like, but I have no rear sight. The other components of this kit are all from Track of the Wolf, which are listed below:

L&R Queen Anne Lock, Brand New. (I will sell the kit minus the lock for $700)

Iron ramrod tip 3/8" 10-32 thread

2 lock bolts, 8-32 thread, 3/8" diameter cylindrical head

1 tang bolt, 8-32 thread, 3/8" diameter oval head

"White Lighntin" touch hole liner

3 tennons for barrel Track of the Wolf# (UL-TC-S4 UL-TC-3)

3 small wedge keys (KEY-35-I)

Early fowler triggerguard, iron (TG-FOWL-D-I)

Fowler sideplate, iron (SP-FOWL-2-I)

English fowler buttplate, iron (BP-FOWL-20-I)

English fowler ramrod pipes and entry pipe (RP-EF-E-6-I RP-EF-F-6-I)

Early fowler trigger and triggerplate (TR-FG-2-P TR-FG-2-T)

Hickory ramrod blank, 3/8" diameter.

oval head screws for buttplate and triggerguard.

Thanks for Looking!

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Oct 4, 2003
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Just to make sure, this ad is for an unassembled kit? It is not for a finished or even partially finished gun.
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