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WITHDRAWN .45 Brass Barrel Flint Pistol

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Oct 5, 2021
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Brass barreled flint pistol in 45 caliber.

This is a very neatly assembled and well fit pistol. Metal to wood finish is excellent throughout.

Barrel is a Getz 45 cal with 1:26 twist. The 8-inch barrel is tapered and flared, measuring 0.915” at the breech, a waist of 0.760” and 0.840” at the muzzle. Bore is bright and rifling is very crisp. It is fitted with only a silver front sight.

The vent is properly positioned right over the pan on the L&R John Bailes flintlock. All parts of the lock have been browned, and the frizzen shows a handful of strikes. As I haven’t seen the face of a frizzen browned before, I made quite a few of those scratches and found it sparks very well.

Stock is very nicely figured, with beautiful color and some tasteful carving around the tang. The trigger guard and butt cap are nicely engraved brass, while the thimbles and end cap are plain brass. The side plate, escutcheons and wedge pins are german silver as is the thumbpiece. Wedge pins are very precisely fitted, ending exactly flush with the escutcheons. I’ll also note that the wedge pins are very thin and the gun is not equipped with a hooked breech. The ramrod has a steel ring at one end and turned bone at the other. The gun is just a bit under 14 inches overall length.

The gun shows signs of limited use. The stock is glossy and turns over very nicely in the light. The side panel has some handling marks but, given the finish, color and curl, they are only noticeable if you look for them from a certain perspective.

Unknown builder, however the side plate is engraved “Myers” –likely the owner that commissioned the gun.

Asking $1750 shipped and insured in the USA. Money order or your personal check. PM for details and any questions.


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