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  1. E

    Buying a completed Wheellock lock? or a complete firearm?

    Howdy yall Ive noticed a prominent trend here for buying wheellock locks. Obviously these mechanisms are finished into a firearm at some point. Are you guys buying locks to build the gun yourself? or having a builder do it for you? Is this just preference? or is there a real reason for it...
  2. DaDingle

    New Orleans Ace pistol problem

    I got a New Orleans Ace pistol but I can’t unscrew the barrel any tips on how to unscrew it
  3. ugly old guy

    Opinion of Traditions "Trapper" pistol

    General opinion of the Traditions .50 caliber (percussion) "Trapper" Pistol"? Here in Idaho I can only use it for target shooting. (or as back-up to my .45 caliber 1911 for self defense) It is not a legal hunting weapon. (except for a tree'd Mountain Lion/Puma/Cougar if/when hunting with...
  4. K

    Percussion cap Pistol

    Hi Everyone here is my other purchase, hopefully better luck here. It was marked as a 1865 gentleman's pistol. It has a rifled barrel about 0.55 Inch caliber. here are some pics, it has some maker marks on the barrel (can see in pic). Thanks again for any help!
  5. J

    Bacon&Co Underhammer Boot Pistol

    Hello! I have just aquired a .34 cal Bacon Boot Pistol with the serial number 39.The gun is very well maintained and is good for shooting. It has been shot once or twice by the previous owner. Got a pound of Pyrodex P and some .34 cal lead balls so I thought I might go to the range and give it a...
  6. S

    FOR SALE French Napoleonic Cavalry Pistol

    Converted to percussion, Queen Ann,Napoleon era pistol probably 69. Caliber, in very nice condition, $400. plus shipping.
  7. D

    Yazel Caplock

    Just bought a new to me Yazel. Can anyone tell me what type of wrench is needed to remove the nipple? Where might I find a spare nipple ? Thanks in advance.
  8. E

    Charles Moore Flintlock Target Pistol

    I bit the debit-card and bought a Charles Moore Flintlock pistol. The big brown truck brought it yesterday. It possesses all the qualities one would expect from Pedersoli except for two things. It is not noticeable at first but I don't like that there appears to be too much of gap between the...
  9. E

    Someone Talk Me Out of a Howdah

    I've always wanted a Howdah but could never think a practical reason for getting one. However, I could never think of too many practical reasons for any of my black powder guns except for the fact that they are extremely FUN. I'm thinking of getting a Howdah but can't make up my mind on...
  10. S

    SOLD Thompson Center patriot 45 caliber pistol

    Unfired. Clean $250 I accept cards Email tggbonsai@gmail.com
  11. Le Loup

    My Cannon Barreled Pistol.

    .70 caliber cannon barrel & a left hand lock. The ramrod that came with it was iron but too short, so I made a new one from wood with an antler tip. Keith.