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FOR SALE 1847 Springfield Cavalry Carbine - 90% Kit For Sale

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Mar 1, 2023
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United States of America
This one is custom made, one for me and one to help recoup the losses. Only Rajasthan produces this, so there's a few out there, but by and large this isn't a common musket.

Yes, it has the ring mount on the other side for those of you who own horses I suppose.

$650, free shipping.

Same as with my other posts, this is a kit. You'll need to drill the touch hole. I think I have some spare nipples, they're blued but they function, I'll toss them in for free.

I recommend staining the stock, getting rid of the grease, and polishing up the lock parts for smoother operation.


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Revisited my post above.
What happened is when I looked at the ad my nightshade on the tablet was on which blended out the paperwork showing the name and date.
Therefore thinking there was no name and date I posted what I posted trying to be helpful.
I apologize to anyone who may have been harmed by the error I have made.
Looks nice. So this is Indian production?
No, haven't you heard of the American company Rajasthan? I'm joking :)

Yes, it's Indian production. Rajasthan is what Veteran Arms imports.

The kits come in fairly rough but once they're cleaned up, they're gorgeous. I'm working on my 1795 right now out of this lot of imports.