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SOLD 1795 Springfield #2 - 90% Kit For Sale

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Mar 1, 2023
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United States of America
For sale is a 1795 Springfield kit. This weapon was the first domestically produced American military longarm. So integral to our national identity, it is still, 228 years later, the icon for the American infantryman. .69 caliber and accurate out to 100 yards, this monster of a musket will quickly become the centerpiece of your collection. It makes a fantastic discussion piece, a lovely reenacting musket, and best of all, it is currently in its pre-1799 state, meaning no markings on the lock. In other words, you can have it stamped to fit any era you prefer, or, like I did, just leave it alone, to represent a pre-1799 contract musket.

$580, free shipping.

The kit requires a bit of work, comes from Rajasthan Armory. Same manufacturer as Veteran Arms. I do want to note that people like Military Heritage use AHU which produces cheaper Indian muskets, hence the price difference. Rajasthan is more expensive, higher quality. You won't find Rajasthans for sale at less than $750, without shipping.

Required Work:
-Drill the 1/16" touch hole.

Recommended Work:
-Stain the stock to a walnut color.
-Clean off the "travel grease" used to protect it on its long sea voyage across the Pacific.
-Take the lock apart and polish up the moving parts. It'll operate in its kit form, but buddy, this 1 hour of work makes a world of difference.
-Go get a bayonet, a cartridge box and some flint!

I know my old ads were more descriptive, but after I got three pulled, I got tired of typing it out again. Happy to answer any questions you all have. No FFL required obviously, so it ships right to your door. I've built about 20 of these kits over the years, and they're fantastic ways to get into shooting military-grade muzzleloaders, without spending $1,700 on a Pedersoli. Heck, you could get three of these for that price!


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