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    All-day hunt: What & how do you carry your gear?

    I mostly dress hc as my stuff lets me. And don’t have any trouble hunting for a day trip, or treking with my gear. I do have a haversack styled bag that I use for spare stuff and shooting bag. Blanket roll for extra if camping
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    priming the pan

    Some say pile it opposite the touch hole. But I doubt it stays there when you move the gun. I fill to the bottom of the touch hole. Tap the lock with a knuckle to even it out. It the woods as I walk when I check the pan it usually lay about like that.
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    Price of a Capote

    Funny that. I grew up in New Mexico. And I recall days of 10 and very comfort with a down vest and a flannel shirt and hat. Then I moved to the Ozarks. People talk about how ‘it’s a dry heat’ and more comfortable because of low humidity. Well I moved to the Ozarks and in the humid cold 40 has me...
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    Is Swiss powder "the best" for general BP shooting

    Ive changed from 3 to 2 at times, and adjusted my charge so I had the same velocities and my eye, my old style sights,my patch/lube/ball combo shot the same. I just had to use more 2 Should your best group come with a combo that gives you 1600fps do you find a difference from that velocity based...
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    How fast is a Hawken ball?

    I’ve taken deer at seven yards, most beyond that. Balls velocity curve downward is pretty steep. What is the range your hunting at? Are you getting a payoff at that range?
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    Is Swiss powder "the best" for general BP shooting

    If 60 grains Swiss equaled 70 grains GO, or even 50 grains Swiss how’s that work out? That means you would get a hundred and forty shots from a pound of Swiss. Vs a hundred from a pound of GO. But Swiss cost half as much again. More likely it’s closer to a hundred and sixteen. You have to clean...
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    Anyway to dye white canvas tan?

    In the movie Bounty with Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins there is a shot of the men in foul weather gear. Very stiff canvas clothing that I suspect was waterproof with oil or pine tar. Almost wood stiff.
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    collars in 1770's???

    I have a pair of ticking breaches, in tan to imitate striped cloth from the day. There were many patterns available in cloth but the specific ticking stripe I've not seen in old paintings. All ticking is cotton today, very expensive in the eighteenth century to a point even the rich rarely wore...
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    Smoky smell.

    Send it to me, I smoke so I won’t care 😊 Try smoking it over a aromatic smoke like cedar or sage. A smudge stick might do it
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    Husqvarna Gun

    Until today I only knew them for chainsaws. Looks like a fine piece
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    Anybody have this problem

    I do have that problem. Don’t shoot much in the summer because of it. I’ve fitted a rear sight on my smoothies and have taller front and that helps. But at fifty yards I don’t think I would miss a man sized target, and pretty sure at seventy five I would hit more then missed
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    Price of a Capote

    I be seen a bit of snow in Arizona, spent a long night at 20MPH between Williams up through Tuba city and on to Shiprock in a nasty blizzard. If nothing more even in summer desert nights can chill, and you might find it the difference between a good nights sleep and broken and chilly.
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    Is this a “plausible” back story for my impression?

    There was a lot of anti-Catholic bias. On the other hand we see a lot of live and let live. Not long after the revolution Boone would enter and be accepted in Catholic Missouri, after the Mexican revolution Americans gave up their country and, officially anyway, converted to Catholicism to get...
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    What would you choose?

    Not much use for a hand gun, I would take my TFC
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    Since the Stone Age blankets were wrapped on folks. Roman soldiers wore a large circular cape with a hole in it. Common on the frontier was the match coat, just a blanket worn in a coat like fashion. A trapper may have seen pancho in Taos or Santa Fe. And a quick slit in a blanket will make a...