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    HELP, does anyone know anything about set triggers on a CVA 50cal ?

    Hi Chris, Oddly enough I just had the same issue with my CVA Mountain Rifle. What turned out was the trigger assembly was sitting a fraction too deep in its recess. To fix it I cut the base off a .223 shell and quietly filed it down till it fit as a spacer over the tang screw that connects both...
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    Question reguarding vent liner

    One thing is if you leave it as is you won`t have any issues with pushing a dry ball too far in as not to be able to get powder behind it to shoot it out.
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    Roundballs in a Sharps

    Not a Sharps but I shoot a .577 Snider with round ball. Just push a .600 soft round ball in the top of a 28ga shotgun case 9fire forms on ignition). It shoots well, Think the rifling is 1-48 twist.
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    Patches being destroyed

    To be honest if it groups well then I wouldn`t care what state the patches were when I found them after being shot. Where the lead goes is the important part.
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    If it were me and its not. I`d take some Potassium nitrate a small container of Sulphur and a small container of charcoal . You will want to preserve your meat while you are there Oh and while you are at it make some of that black stuff. Its what I use.
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    alternate material for flint in flintock

    I have used Quartz as a trial in my T/C . It worked but only for about 4-5 shots before it shattered to much to use. It wasn`t good examples of quartz as had many pressure cracks through it. At a push yes I would use it. Unfortunately we don't have Flint here in New Zealand, there is one place...
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    Holey balls, batman!!!

    I read the first couple of posts on this thread at work and first thought was , Yeh that's about right for an empty T/C. Rod stops about 1 inch from the nipple or flash hole. If you took a inch as a fully loaded rifle there is 1/2 an inch in the ball alone and not very much powder behind it...
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    Help, I am in desperate need of ' context'

    Well I understand the (F) grades never existed until cartridge guns came along and both pan and barrel were just loaded with same powder. Yes I could imagine short starters not being carried as well.
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    1/4-28 thread #11 Nipple for Pedersoli Hawken

    I have a Pedersoli Traditional Hawken and A T/C Hawken. The Nipples interchange-- No issues at all.
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    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    Yep No issues at all. At the time I just didn`t know better, would I still do it... Yes. A T/C has a good strong barrel and as mentioned no damage at all. Was talking to a Army Armourer a while back and he relayed to me when they get 105mm Howitzer projectiles stuck in the barrel they fill the...
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    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    Quite a few years back when I got my first Muzzleloader ,a T/C Hawken , I didn`t know to swab the barrel between shots and now that I think of it recall getting Patched balls stuck half way/ two thirds of the way down the barrel on probably 4-5 occasions. Just used to point the barrel up with...
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    buying muzzleloaders, if you had to do it all over what would you have bought and not bought

    Well my first Muzzleloader was a T/C Hawken Flint Lock in 50cal. Bought it 30 years ago and still have it. Have had a variety of muzzleloaders since then and still own all of them. At the time I didn`t really know what I was buying ( it was a muzzleloader) with the T/C but over time have come to...
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    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    This is going to upset a few but: ( Zonie please bare with me) A couple of years ago I got a Russian 7.62x39mm bullet stuck halfway down my Ruger Ranch rifle barrel, when I shot it with a subsonic load that I had for ages been shooting out of a Chinese made 7.62x39mm bolt action. Reason was...
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    Antonio Zoli Zouave questions.

    Yes Rudyard the trigger guard is on backwards though when the Zoil Zauave Hunter ( short carbine) were produced and sold they actually had the trigger guard installed backwards like this rifle. So I would assume that's how it came from the factory, Most likely put together Friday afternoon after...
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    Antonio Zoli Zouave questions.

    Had to square off the muzzle on mine first & crown it then replaced the front sight to lower the POI as was high and left from memory. Hand filed a dove tail in the barrel for the front sight. Filed down the back sight and opened the V to a U with a chainsaw file. Polished the lock. It shoots...