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    Out with my long lost flintlock today

    Who's that using the title of Grissom's book Buckskins And Black Powder in his posts? Frontier's? Have you read the book?
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    GOEX Storage Question

    As for storage and usability, black powder will be useful indefinitely as long as it's protected from moisture. Contrary to at least one "old wives tale" it doesn't degrade over time if kept dry. As for loading from a flask or a powder horn I offer this bit of information: Until sometime...
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    Flying with your rifle

    Sorry Dibbuk, but that's not necessarily so. Knowing the law and/or rules or even having a copy in your possession isn't proof against getting stopped by the TSA. I was traveling to visit family a few years ago and brought a firearm along as I had done often in the past. It was disassembled...
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    Hello From New Hampshire

    Howdy Dave, and Welcome from South Texas. I worked in Nashua for a couple of years, lived in Sandown, and belonged to the Pennichuck Muzzleloaders in Nashua. Great club, great folks, but that was a long while ago - during the Bicentennial. Back then there was The First Congress Of New England...
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    4F Black Powder Question

    To Bigfoot: Amen, brother! Tanglefoot
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    Big Balls are Better

    Save your .530" balls, Brent. They're mighty handy when you're hunting with a .54 and the bore is getting fouled .... or for fast second shots at wounded game .... or just to melt and re-cast to another size. I once had a pistol that was billed as a .58 caliber when I traded for it. Loaded...
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    Failing eyes- loosing the front sight cure

    The best suggestion I read here is "See your eye doctor." Especially if he/she is a shooter. Mine told me it was time to have my cataracts removed. I did. My new (implanted) lenses fixed the can't-see-my-sights problem and several others along with it. That's not PC and it's not purely a ML...
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    Draw hunts!

    My hunting buddy Jim and I once got drawn for a hunt on a government-owned island off the coast of Florida. Our permit was for one week only, deer and hogs only. We put in for the drawing for 3 or 4 years running before we got lucky so this was a big deal for us. On our second or third day...
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    When you have a beautiful muzzleloader....

    Well ---- I have a flintlock rifle that was made back in 1975, that is a close copy of an original built by Wolfgang Haga in Pennsylvania 200 years earlier. It's had a lot of use these last 45 years, and shows a few scratches, scars, and scuff marks but still shoots plumb center. As a good...
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    Howdy Two Feathers, Got your question. Sure. I can spare some thread. I'm 79 myself, so will probably need less than you do. The problem may be finding it. My leather-working tool-and-accessory accumulation finally got put together in one tool box out in my "shop" (one corner of my...
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    Howdy Two Feathers, About your questions: Fur Trade Era is a modern concept, but is generally considered to have started with the Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1804-1806, and ended on or about 1840 when European fashion dropped fur hats and adopted silk instead. As for linen thread, you can get...
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    Making my own flints

    Note to RD Powell: Not that I've ever heard of. We have a-plenty of chert in the Hill Country, but if there's flint in the Piney Woods I'd be surprised. Hereabouts, I-35 roughly parallels the edge of the Edwards Plateau between San Antonio and Austin (and points north), and that has been a...
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    When to refinish?

    Most ML suppliers have wedge plates-DGW,Log Cabin, TOW - tho you may need to fit them.
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    I am having one heck of a time finding ....

    New Jersey? I worked there once for a while. Never again. Clearly you have your own reasons for staying. My approach to your kit problem would be to drive to Pennsylvania, or Maryland or Delaware or almost anyplace else except New York and get what you need then drive back. Tools and...
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    Hello from MB

    Howdy again, and welcome to the forum from South Texas and the Hill Country. Feel free to ask questions, eh?