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    Another "No" to muzzleloader hunting....

    Like most things, folks, it depends on where you are -- eastern state or otherwise. I've hunted in New England with muzzleloaders, particularly in New Hampshire and Vermont, but we did a lot of ML shooting in other localities too, even Massachusetts. Shucks, the whole Muzzleloading Hunter...
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    Taking a Blacksmithing class

    Howdy Mulebrain, Just a suggestion: A section of tree trunk (Oak, maybe?) might be better'n that cinder block as a base for your anvil. If you do much pounding ... and how could you not ... the block you've got might start to crumble. Nothing spoils a forging project like having the anvil...
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    Just a show of hands, how many make their own ammution?

    Cast my own RB. Always have. It's part of not being any more dependent than I have to be. When I was doing considerable magazine work, I got swaged RB's from the manufacturers because they were the most consistent I could get, and I weighed the ones used in testing. Sometimes now I cast...
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    Taking a Blacksmithing class

    You might want to check out a book titled: Blacksmithing Basics For The Homestead by Joe DeLaRonde. Joe operates DeLaRonde Forge in Mancos, Colorado and he's been hammering black iron for a living for 40+ years. You can look over his website at delarondeforge@msn.com and get a copy of the...
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    Yet Another Kibler Longrifles Kit Build...

    Take heart, gents. I spent many years juggling eyeglass prescriptions, first just glasses then bifocals, then trifocals. Then cataracts kicked in. When the eye doc fixed the cataracts he fixed two of the three vision problems and mended an astigmatism for good measure. Now in my late (very...
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    Jeremiah Johnson movie clothing

    Grenadier, the movie took a line from Crow Killer, which appears on pages 25 and 26 of my copy: "A Hawken rifle, .30 caliber, cost Johnson fifty dollars. This was double the price charged at St. Louis -- but not out of reason. It was the best make, and made all the difference between life...
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    Too Pretty to shoot

    By the bye ... I once went into a roadhouse in an eastern state for lunch while I was working there. The place was recommended for it's food and that was good, but the bar section was decorated with antique firearms hanging on the walll paneling. There were flintlock Pennsylvania rifles, and...
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    Too Pretty to shoot

    A lot of years ago, I decided that since I wasn't wealthy, I could spend what I had on the best quality I could afford - a better barrel or a better lock or some fine craftsmanship - or on "pretty" but I couldn't afford both. So my `skins ain't beaded or quilled and with one exception my tools...
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    How often do you run into other muzzle loader hunters?

    It depends on when and where I'm hunting. If it's "ML Only" season, there are plenty. If regular season, not many. Here in Texas a lot of hunts are on leased land and then the only hunters on the place are muzzleloaders. On public lands it's back to which season, which legal arms, etc.
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    Ramrod for loading in the field...

    It's a personal decision like so many of them, but as Zonie so accurately described, there's a safety issue also. Hickory ramrods are traditional, authentic, and functional but you really need to do some prep work and be aware of the issues. I use hickory rods for all my shooting, but I do...
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    Testing the flintlock?

    Zonie, That was a very patient and considerate response. Good for you!
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    Baker Rifle builds

    Doc White has built Baker reproductions. You might check with him at: White Muzzleloading | White Muzzleloading
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    Need Help Identifying Rifle/Maker

    You're a lucky pilgrim, griffiga! I have the ugly stepsister to that rifle, made by GRRW back in the early 70's. Plain straight-grain maple stock, percussion lock, but the same kind of cheek piece and pewter nosecap as yours. Mine's a .50 and her Douglas barrel shoots plumb center. My ol'...
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    Looking for JJ Henry rifle to purchase

    KPL, If you're looking for an original JJ Henry rifle, the information already posted should help. If you're looking for an authentic replica of a JJ Henry original, I suggest you check out j.henry.artificers@me.com. It's a small company in Nevada and that's their only business. J. Henry...
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    Hello everybody from France

    Welcome from South Texas, Carl. Both the ROA and the NMA are good choices. Good job on the case "repurposing" too.