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    What do you hunt with your traditional muzzleloader?

    Update. I just found out using buckshot is no longer legal in Pa save for two state park drawing type hunts. So my buckshot idea is now out the window. Oh well. Maybe I'll try a round ball in my smoothy to see how that works.
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    1st build, Pedersoli Pennsylvania

    I'm with Phil. Sideplates are easy to make. Buy a piece of sheet brass from the hardware store. A piece that's 1/16 thick, and about 3 inches by 10 inches costs about ten bucks. You can make several side plates from that piece of brass. One commercially produced side plate will cost you at least...
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    Storing flintlocks

    I always do as above, frizzen open, cock all the way forward.
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    How do you cock your lock?

    Interesting question. When at the range, I use my cupped hand and pull back on the cock screw with the hook of my pinky finger. When I'm hunting, I'm usually sitting down, so I it's easier to use my thumb.
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    India-made flintlocks

    Italian made guns are orders of magnitude farther up the quality ladder than anything coming out of India. There is no comparison here. If all a person can afford is an India made gun, ok. I can't fault someone for living within their means. However, if you can afford more, then you'd be a...
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    How did you get hooked?

    I used to see guys at the range I went to, shooting muzzleloaders from time to time. I just decided one day I wanted to try it. I did some reading on the subject, then opted to try a percussion first, as that seemed easier to master. So, I bought a TC Renegade left handed percussion, and started...
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    Frizzen Hardening?

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    Frizzen Hardening?

    I bought this stuff called Cherry Red and tried it on a frizzen from a kit I tried to build. I went by several videos of how to harden it. Took it to work and had a guy heat it cherry red using an acetylene torch, then quenched in oil. Took it home and it wouldn't spark at all. I said to hell...
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    Tools for my first build

    A good quality Exacto type knife, not some cheap Walmart junk. Nothing makes fine cuts easier than a sharp thin 🔪
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    Middlesex Village Trading - Any good?

    Possibly, but how many of us would truly want to own a firearm made using the techniques and metallurgy of 200 years ago.? Regardless, I'd trust a gun made here 200 years ago, more than any Indian gun made today.
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    What do you hunt with your traditional muzzleloader?

    Mainly hunt deer with my flintlocks. Have killed 3 so far with my TVM Lancaster .54 caliber. When I built my .62 caliber smoothbore, I started hunting small game with it, mostly squirrels. Took it on a few pheasant hunts as well. No luck yet though. Have tried turkey hunting with it also, but...
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    Middlesex Village Trading - Any good?

    The Made in India stamp would cause me to say hell no. Ever watch one of those videos on YouTube that show these India shops? Not just guns, anything they make. Mostly always holes in the ground, dusty bustling dirty disgusting areas. OSHA would have a field day. Questionable metal sources, most...
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    Smoothbore newbie

    I've got a .62 caliber (20 gauge) smoothbore, cylinder bored, as in no choke. I've used it to hunt squirrels, turkeys and pheasant. I keep my shots within 30 yards. Past that and you're wasting powder and lead.
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    Who is using a 32 caliber

    I built a .32 caliber rifle. Have only had it out hunting twice so far. Mostly it's been shot on the range. Perfect little plinking caliber, not much powder or lead expended. I may take mine turkey hunting in the fall. Still legal here in Pa, contrary to popular belief. A. 32 IMO, is more than...
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    Dumb question

    There's no reason to remove the flint or cover the frizzen. Leave your frizzen open and the cock down. Place a toothpick or quill, or other such object to block the touch hole, and you will be fine. No way the gun is going to fire with the frizzen open.