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    Recommend tool to shape stock

    So how do you a smooth finish without using sandpaper? Gasps and scrapers can not make a smooth surface.
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    Dumb question about powder horns

    I don't call that cheating. Whatever works for you brother.
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    Another Flintlock Gobbler....

    Nice bird. I was able to get out only 3 days this season. Took the Flintlock smooth bore all 3 times. Heard birds the first day then nothing.
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    Opening weekend squirrels

    Unfortunately we don't have a spring season for squirrels here in Pa. Have to wait until early Octotober. Wish we did though. We've got a lot roaming the yards this time of year. We can shoot ground hogs though as there's no closed season on them except during deer season. I just shot one from...
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    Recommend tool to shape stock

    A sanding block and 60 or 80 grit paper. You'd be surprised how much material you can remove using course paper and a block.
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    Size Round Ball for a Muzzleloading Rifle

    If you choose a ball that is ten thousands under sized and with the proper patch reasonable force is required to ram it home then you've probably got the right combination. A setup that requires excessive force may work for the first shot on a clean bore but will most likely get stuck after 2...
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    Dumb question about powder horns

    No, the end cap and both plugs have been stained and were shellaced. The O- ring is just there as an added measure . I've had this horn out in the rain on more than one occasion, and the powder has always remained dry as a bone.
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    Superstitions and traditions

    No need, as it was already mentioned we eral times here already. However if you think we're wrong please enlighten us on exactly what you think "seasoning" does?
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    Fill it with Water and Pour it on the Yard

    Fill with water, dig a small hole, pour contents in hole, cover hole. Dry can out and sell it on Craigslist
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    Dumb question about powder horns

    I should have explained mine a little better. It comes out with a simple twist, but it takes some oomph to get it to twist. It's in fairly tight and probably an inch deep inside the hole. I have an O-ring on the outside of the plug which keeps things air tight. It's not going to fall out. Hasn't...
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    A question of possible rust

    Best way to use the clamp on device is with the gun upside down with the muzzle slightly lower than the lock side. Any water that gets around the O-ring on the clamp, and trust me it will, will drain downward onto your table and not down between the stock and barrel. A little grease on the...
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    2f vs 3f

    I for one am sticking to the old ways and use only 2fg in my large calibers and smooth bore and will use 3fg in my .32 when it's done. All this experimentation using 3fg in large calibers is being done by individuals with no scientific background who are merely trying things on their own. That...
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    priming horn question

    I use a small flask with 4fg for my Lancaster, GPR and smooth bore. I don't even know how many grains it throws. I just fill the pan to the depth I like and am done with it. When my .32 caliber is done I'm going to be strictly using 3fg so will just prime from the horn I'm going to make...
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    Dumb question about powder horns

    When I made my horn, I used a plug at the back that goes into about a half inch diameter hole and is pressure fit to seal the hole. My lanyard fits over this plug. A simple twist and it comes out, revealing a nice fill hole. Still need a funnel but can use a larger one and it's easy to fill vs...
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    Superstitions and traditions

    Seasoning your barrel. Biggest bunch of horse hockey going with regards to muzzle loaders.