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    Safe Loading Devices

    ADs from rapid fire exercises with paper cartridge's is real. I should have covered that. Such activities seem pointless to me. IF you want fast, get a modern gun. I would bet a significant sum that the vast majority of the ADs while loading were caused by capping or priming first, and...
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    Safe Loading Devices

    It is not my intention to beat up on the OP. I added some more helpful information to my previous post.
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    Safe Loading Devices

    Here we go again...... How about some non hearsay evidence for the AD story. Bottom line, embers are "urban myth". Please search other threads. Spreading this kind of misinformation is detrimental the hobby. It causes the uninformed to attribute unnecessary danger to black powder. That...
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    .40 Caliber - What's the Point?

    40 is an excellent target rifle caliber. The little ones are fiddley to load. Accuracy suffers because of this. The larger one kick more, inducing a flinch, and use more lead and powder.
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    Sawhandle pistol trigger location

    Bending the trigger pad backward will produce and angle that better matches your finger's natural pull. It will not look HC though. I do it anyway. IF I does not shoot well, I am not interested. When I make pistols I scale up pictures of originals. I then make my drafting of parts layout...
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    Browning a barrel

    I think the formula has changed since I used the Plumb Brown over 30 years ago. Yes, is used to contain mercuric chloride. It is a good thing that it was taken out. MC is a powerful neurotoxin. For real.....
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    There are many factors that make a good barrel. The bore must be uniform size (or choked), the twist must me uniform or evenly gaining, the finish must be reasonable. The percentage of land to groove matters. I never had a barrel with skinny grooves and wide lands that shot to my accuracy...
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    Taller sights for Kibler Colonial

    The provided front sight is too narrow for me to shoot well. I can not see it clearly. Also, a very low front sight will cause mirage problems. The provided sights are however HC. I always make new sights. I make the front about 0.100 or more wide. The issue rear sight has a V-notch...
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    Browning a barrel

    I have found that heating the steel and melting wax or grease on will not stop BCPB after rust. I consider the after rust part of the process and a good thing for evening the finish out. If you choose to boil the part in distilled water for a while that will do it. It will also make the part...
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    Browning a barrel

    There is nothing to neutralize in BCPB. The oxidizers are salts, not acid. Just rinse it with lots of water. It always has after rust for about a week. I have tried baking soda and ammonia, neither stops the after rust. I have used the after rust to my advantage by encouraging it and and...
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    Anyone have a connection with Rice Barrels?

    I know they only work until 2PM. Keep trying. Wow! That seems like a strange business model based on the lack of barrels available for sale.
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    what do you use when swabbing between shots?

    I use something wet. For along time that was GI bore cleaner. Also Murphy's. Also actual Black powder cleaner from Track. Now I am using Ballistol and water. Water is the only important part. I do swab between shots for load development. My club requires swabbing during matches, yes...
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    Bench Vise

    I modified my cheap China vice as shown. I had no need for the water pipe holder.
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    Need recommendation on getting my first flintlock

    You will have a finished rifle quicker if you order the Pedersoli from Dixie, but you will not have an equivalent rifle. I have assembled and finished seven Kiblers. I can assemble on in the white in one day. Other kits do not have the attention to detail and require much more...
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    Need recommendation on getting my first flintlock

    Jim Kibler's kits are the highest quality easiest to assemble option. Anything else is a distant second. The price difference is not significant. The rifle you assemble will be treasured and have resale value much higher than your investment. Better still Jim's locks are the best production...