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    How do you keep it clean?

    Use sharpie marker for inletting. To clean the wood a big gum eraser is excellent.
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    Not a hater, but not a fanboy either. TC made a price point gun with cast parts, a button barrel, non HC styling and modern construction details. The stocks had too little drop and bruise your cheek, This was done to economize on wood, not make a good rifle. The later ones were junk, put...
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    TC Hawken Restoration

    If the glue joint is tight is tight then the glue will not show. Like most stock makers I only use slow set epoxy for structural repairs. Keep in mind if the glue joint fails you make new stock. Sanding glue joints is not an issue. I know of no glue that is not sandable. Back the paper with...
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    Thinning Tru-Oil

    True oil has very low solids. Building any film thickness is a problem. Thinning it would make it worse. When I used it, I use a small swatch of lint free soft cloth to wipe it on. Just avoid putting on so much that you get drips and runs. It will take many coats, which I why I don't use it...
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    Forum malfunctions?

    Thanks for the reply. The reason to use Vivaldi is that the ones you suggest are cooperate/government partnerships in the data mining business. I do not use those services on any forum related to guns.
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    Blanket wadding

    Wool melts-burns-crispifies when subjected to high heat. Think burnt hair.
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    Forum malfunctions?

    I get a lot of glitchy behavior on this forum. Often I can not open the second or third page of some threads. Today I got a white block that obscured much of the page. Are these deliberate to force me to log in? Logging on fixes it. Often I want to check in and see if something new came...
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    Kibler SMR frizzen broke in two

    "So you are telling me that the various pits I see In the the pan and along the edges of it are a figment of my imagination? I am well aware that Mr Kibler will stand behind his product, but don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." Wow! :rolleyes: Kibler claims only the casting used are...
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    Kibler SMR frizzen broke in two

    "but show what I would consider a clue that this particular lock may be suffering overall from poor casting as well as inadequate heat treating." The only cast parts are the frizzen and cock. The rest is all machined from bar stock. This is a non issue, speculation is irrelevant, Kibler...
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    .36 cal Ball Starter

    I made one with 5/16 brass rod and a golf ball.
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    Steaming a stock

    Once you cut on it you own it.
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    Kibler SMR frizzen broke in two

    Based on part of the broken surface being silver and part gray there was a hairline crack. I had this happen with a very expensive chef's knife. Call Jim during business hours. He will send you a new one ASAP.
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    I have a stuck bullet

    Nice to see somebody do it that way. I missed something though, about 5 grain of powder under the nipple would have shot it out. Easier peasier.
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    Oh boy! Another patch lube post.

    I have tried lanolin. It is a likely ingredient in case lube. Lanolin is to slick. Accuracy suffers in my experience. It could be powder burn is less consistent if the lube is to slippery. Don't know, I do know water bases stuff shoots better at the range. Lots of stuff works, it probably...
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    First Flinter?

    I though more about why Kibler rifles are so special. Here is an analogy. Kibler is like a Colt Python for fit and finish. Many of the lesser guns are like a Hi-point. Both shoot, both are useful. One is functional art. One is a bare bones tool.