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    WANTED .390 RB mold

    Looking for a double or gang mold for a .390 ball. I would prefer to send money to someone has one sitting on a shelf instead of a big box store.
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    Do you recognize this kit?

    x2 what Zonie said. I have a 1988 Dixie catalog that shows the overcoat pistol. Appears to be almost an exact match.
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    Making a full stock into a half stock...

    That type of vertical entry is common in SMR or Tennessee style rifles. If you don't like it you could change the entry thimble to maybe a bivins style with a flange that tapers onto the stock and you would angle the stock to match the entry pipe. I agree with Zonie that the long barrel would...
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    Richland Arms Spring ??

    I had one of those a while back. It was a pretty good rifle for the cost. The one I had had a serious knot and crack through the center of the stock. I repaired and refinished it. The target picture is from the first time shooting it after refinish.
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    Preparing to restore a 70's TC Hawken

    I purchased it from Track of the Wolf. Catalog #17 item # TG-E-5-B It is not listed in the current catalog and I think it was replaced by item # TG-SPW-H-B The ends of the mounting plates are a little different but it's basically the same shape guard.
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    Preparing to restore a 70's TC Hawken

    The stock on these TCs are pretty bulky to start with and a lot of wood can be removed when refinishing. Like Fred, I took so much wood off the stock that it required very little finish stripping. I inletted the barrel key plates and thinned out the fore end quite a bit. Like Fred, I thinned...
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    +2 on the Citristrip. I've used it on a few rifles.
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    Hawkins fix it project

    I'm with fred on the chip. I'd add a toeplate. I've added toeplates to every rifle I've refinished.
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    "Fixing" the TC Hawken

    You can change the looks somewhat without spending a great deal of money. Like others have stated, it's just not really worth spending a lot of money unless it is something you plan on keeping for yourself. The biggest change in the looks of my rifle is the different triggerguard. I've always...
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    December shoot

    Shot my target yesterday. Certainly won't win any prizes. After a couple of misses, I had to lower my expectations a bit to at least get on the score card. Probably mail it out later today.
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    November Turkey shoot

    Thanks Terry for organizing these. I enjoyed shooting my first match here and am looking forward to the next one. The target is printed and hopefully, I'll get a chance to shoot it next Tuesday during our clubs weekly rondezvous.
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    November Turkey shoot

    First time entering a contest. target will be sent soon.
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    Older photo posts All I see is a red X
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    Older photo posts

    I notice that all the links to older photo posts are broken. Is there anyway to restore them or are they gone for good?