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    sought - helping hand near Portsmouth, Hampshire

    At the risk of helping divert the OP into modern politics, the laws on licencing firearms in the UK has never been other than the subject of UK legislation passed in Parliament. Here in France a replica black powder muzzle loader (including percussion revolvers) are free to own and use as...

    Muzzle Loading Movie Myth Busters

    Maybe so but it was artillery and musketry that did most of the killing.

    Original Pre-1650 Lock Plate

    Am I right that the tumbler bends are on a steel piece welded to the tumbler? Looks as if the originals wore and were replaced. Nice period lock. Thank you.

    Small caliber twist rate?

    Due to the increasing distance of the mass from the centre, small balls require a faster twist than larger ones. Thus a .32 should be in the 1:30ish region whilst an 8 bore will be happy with 1:120 or less. The need is for a level of rotational momentum which can either be small spun fast or...

    'Scattergun' loads in medieval handgonnes?

    Just to follow up my last. One reason for employing women for the lighter chain and men for the larger ones was to employ women more cheaply. Payment used to be by weight. If you were a man forging links fit to moor a steam ship it might be hard work but you turn out heavy chain and did so in a...

    'Scattergun' loads in medieval handgonnes?

    In the chain forging industry of the Black Country most of the forging work was done by women too. The men forging the heavy chains. The women working in back yard workshops behind their houses.Right into the 1960s IIRC.

    Original or Fake ?

    The older and more informed (educated?) I get the more I find more and more things I do not know. At 18 I was an expert.... It was not by accident that the early days of antique gun dealing coincided with the end of the horse age throwing horse copers onto the job market. Our forefathers were...


    'Fags' for cigarettes comes from the stubs left of brushwood used for kindling. Short stems which cigarettes resemble. Thus the 'fag end' of something. Cigarettes came to Britain from soldiers in the Peninsula campaign noticing that the peasants would wrap their tobacco in bits of paper which...


    That is tomorrow's lunch decided then. Devilled kidneys on toast. Lambs are the best. Sheep generally provide the best wobbly bits although rabbit livers are a gnat's even better.

    Colonial era blackpowder vs today's black powder.

    A factor not mentioned is money. In material terms people were much poorer then. There was a market for cheap powder even if it was bad. Also in rural areas the choice was what was on the shelf in the village shop i.e. use it or do without powder. Folk might have wanted best powder but they...

    N.C. Nessler ball testing

    To be fair to Eras Gone the claim is not that the bullet is good but that it is an accurate reproduction of the one as used by North Carolina and it has every appearance being a close reproduction of that. If the actual period bullet was inaccurate then a good reproduction will be equally...

    Indian Muskets

    The British. German and French Proof Houses publish their proof loads if you need a guide. Also note that they fire them remotely. I only say the last as I have seen two Youtubers demonstrating their proof loads by firing them off the shoulder in an effort to improve the gene pool.

    Indian Muskets

    I agree totally with the quality of those period arms and have been a regular user of an 1843 HEIC musket with an 8 gram charge and ball. I agree that modern Indian reproduction muskets are of an inferior finish to the originals and much of their competition today. Steel was not used for period...

    Indian Muskets

    As said a few times above: India has a proof house (which is more than there is in the USA) but proofing them there makes export impossible within Indian law. In countries with proof houses they have to pass local proof before they can be sold e.g. UK or Germany. From the introduction of proof...

    Indian Muskets

    Hi Calvin. These are proofed by drilling the touch hole and then submitting them for proof testing. This has to be done before they can go on the market in Europe if they are to be sold as shooters. They can be bought undrilled as decorative items. The same would apply in India but once...
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