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    CLOSED Brain Tanned Mukluks, Men's Size 8 1/2

    THose are really well made. I'll take them!! I hope you take paypal. I wear a size nine so I am guessing they will fit. They will be nice for this Ohio Winter muzzleloading season. I'll also send a PM Ohio Rusty ><>
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    CLOSED I found the .54.

    I found a brand new flint .54 this morning and ordered it. Thanks to all who responded. Now to get that gun here and get it sighted in before the Ohio muzzleloader season in January. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    CLOSED I found the .54.

    Thanks ELewis. I did write Richard and he only had 2 50's in the frontier model and one .36. Thanks for the lead. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    CLOSED I found the .54.

    I haven't had much lock finding one of the flintlock Pedersoli frontier Blue Ridge rifles in .54 caliber. I'd take either the plain model or the deluxe model, doesn't matter. I have a Pedersoli flintlock blue ridge rifle in .32 caliber I would trade. You can't get these .32 caliber rifles...
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    FOR SALE Pedersoli Frontier Deluxe Maple .45 Flintlock

    I'm curious to know if that rifle use a .440 or .445 round ball ?? Ohio Rusty ><>
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    Revolver Accouterments

    Not much really ... Caps, ball the right caliber size and powder. You might also get the lubed wonder wads in your pistol caliber to put between the powder and ball. Then bang away !! If you are getting a .44, you will want .451 round ball. If you are getting a .36, then you want .375 round...
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    FOR SALE Pietta baby dragoon/well fargo pistol nipples

    I found these in a letter to me from Mike Nesbitt tucked away on a shelf today. (He sent the letter in 2003 !) I must have bought them from him and forgot about them. He wrote on the package they are for a Pietta Baby Dragoon/Wells Fargo cap and ball pistol. They have never been opened and there...
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    SOLD Breeches and socks #2

    PM Sent on the breeches. I'll take them. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    SOLD All 5 Allan Eckerts books - soft cover.

    I'm sorry ,,,, they are gone and I forgot to take down the post. Thanks for reminding me so I can fix that. Rusty in Ohio
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    SOLD .62 caliber/20 gauge wad and card punch

    Sold pending funds to Deerstalkert
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    SOLD Project fur for sale

    Sold pending funds to Calum.
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    FOR SALE .36 caliber cap-n-ball wad punch and wads - (PRICE REDUCED to $10)

    I have for sale a nice .36 caliber wad punch, along with an unopened bag of Wonder Wad .36 felt wads. The wad punch might need a little more resharpened. I'm asking $10 for the punch and wads. Now you can make wads for your cap-n-ball pistol forever. Just get a nice 99 cent felt hat at the...
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    SOLD .62 caliber/20 gauge wad and card punch

    ** SPF to Deerstalkert ** I have for sale a nice .62 caliber/20 gauge wad punch, along with felt wads and a thick felt to make more wads. The wad punch will need cleaned up, and resharpened. I'm asking $15 for the punch and wads (I have a few more already punched out wads I think). How much is...
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    SOLD Project fur for sale

    ** SPF to Calum ** I have two super nice pieces of fur for sale that you will make great hats, shooting bag flaps, etc. They were garment collar furs. I'm sure the top one is raccoon. The bottom one is thicker and furrier with more underfur and may be raccoon also as they both look very...
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    Anyone have a Jeff Tanner brass mould ?? I need an answer ...

    A listmember is providing me with a mould. Thanks to all who responded. Ohio Rusty ><>