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    Need advice on collection of 4 unopened 1970s kits I just purchased

    Build them all and keep all the guns for yourself. You can't replace them if you sell them. Enjoy them as shooting arms and pass them down to your kids and grandkids. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    Lead balls have casting imperfections

    I have that printed article somewhere. What I took away most from the article was the effect of a void/bubble in the round ball causing the ball to fly off center. It probably acts like a knuckle ball inflight. It is because of that article that I pour my ball and continue to pour and overflow...
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    Overshot card versus over powder card

    I have both the thick and thing cards for my 12 gauge SxS. I stopped using the thick cards as the thing cards are easier to put an edge nick into so the air escapes better when pushing them down. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    WANTED 1 1/4” leather strapping

    Tandy leather has that exact strap you are looking for. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    For Sale - Parts .45 NOS Jukar percussion pistol barrel

    I'm interested in your pistol barrel. I'll PM you. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    Home Depot patch lube

    I use that exact butcher block conditioner on all my period wood ware, wood knife handles, etc. It is good stuff for what it was intended. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    Hello from southeastern Ohio

    Coming up January 20th and 21st is the big Sons of Liberty indoor trade faire at Canters Cave in Jackson Ohio. Great opportunity to see all the toys we like and meet new folks. You might even consider joining the Sons of Liberty Muzzleloading group. They have several rendezvous they sponsor...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    The Wife and I attended the Christmas Dinner at the 18th century fort at Fort Randolph at Point Pleasant W. Va. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    Hello from southeastern Ohio

    Welcome to another Ohioan !! I am also in the Applachian foothills of S.E. Ohio. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    FOR SALE Hand forged gun barrel tomahawk for sale

    Up for adoption is a handforged gun barrel tomahawk forged from a .50 caliber muzzleloading gun barrel. The tomahawk has a high carbon steel insert forge welded into the barrel so the hawk will take a razors edge. The hawk has a hickory handle. The tomahawk can easily be made into a smoking...
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    SOLD Hand forged Trade/Scalping knife for sale

    I'll send you a PM and mark the knife sold to you.
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    SOLD Hand forged Trade/Scalping knife for sale

    Up for adoption is a trade/scalping knife. Blade is forged from 1075 with a polished finish. Handle is walnut. Overall length in 11 1/2 inches with a 7 inch blade. Long hunter style sheath with a rawhide liner so the sharp edge can never cut through, hand sewn with linen thread. Asking $125...
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    SOLD Hammer poll tomahawk for sale.

    For adoption is a super nice hammer poll tomahawk I forged. Nice curly maple handle, 4140 hawk head has been heat treated and tempered to hold a good edge. Sheath hand sewn with linen thread with a shoe iron welt so the edge can never cut through. Asking $125 shipped (I pay the shipping). Paypal...
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    for Hello from the land of Simon Kenton and Blue Jacket

    Welcome to another Ohioan !! I've been to Caeser's Creek many moons ago when they held rendezvous there. I'm in the Appalachian hill country of S.E. Ohio. Ohio Rusty ><>
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Ohio weather has turned stupid today. Cold and high winds feels like a temperature in the low teens. I agree with Yukon Cornelius that it isn't fit for man nor beast out there !! Great day to work on the hawk sheath for the hawk I finished this last week. Ohio Rusty ><>