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    It finally happened froze nipple on my buffalo hunter

    My commiserations. I decided to change the nipple on my recently acquired Parker Hale Volunteer.451. It was the beginning of the Lockdown so something to do. The nipple was solid. The supplied key began the rounding off of the crucial corners. I stopped and flooded the nipple with a penetrating...
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    A silk hog’s ear

    Years ago I found a very battered Winchester 550. I bought it cheap and set about stripping the wood except the high, hard and shiny finish would not remove. I wish I had known about that Aircraft stripper then.
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    Drums Along the Mohawk

    Not the same era but a recent tv series called The Son, dealt with the Comanche and white settler, or Texicans as the Comanche called them, conflict. It was unflinching in its portrayal of the Comanche and just as unflinching in how it showed how the settlers retaliated. That era, I have read...
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    Drums Along the Mohawk

    Just remembered this......many years ago I was drinking with my girlfriend in a packed bar in Belfast. I suggested we go home to watch a movie. Just as I was saying the words I fell off me stool. Everyone laughed and when I sat down again someone asked what the movie was I was in a rush to see...
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    Drums Along the Mohawk

    It’s a good movie. John Ford tended to make great movies and I think this is one. Ok, with that out of the way....I don’t think that movie could be made today. The portrayal of Native Indians would stop it in its tracks. The Last of the Mohicans did a good job of the technical side, appropriate...
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    Using mask while melting lead.

    Don’t get on that old ship. Don’t sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t eat the food on the ship, it’s awful. Don’t get off the ship in an unknown land. Don’t built a log cabin, you might get a skelf. Don’t hunt in the woods, there might be bears. Don’t go into the mountains there might be...
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    What is the proper name for "possibles bag"?

    Great debate. I think the term “Possibles”, just sounds right and seems to be of a different time. It’s one of those words that fits. You can’t put your finger on it exactly but it just works. Excuse me but, “Where’s my sh**?”, “Get your s***” , impossible to pin down but everyone knows what...
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    why I like shooting muzzle stuffers

    It’s the craft of it all that gets me. Collecting scrap lead, smelting the scrap the casting the bullet, smearing it with fat and’s pretty basic stuff. Buying a PH Volunteer has been a real boost to me as eyes and grip have made IPSC pistol competition more of a challenge. Ive...
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    who all uses peeps on their percussion guns.

    My Volunteer came with these 3 sight. I removed the one that was attached because I can only shot 50 yd’s at the moment and thought the sights were for long range shooting. Would one of these be suitable for 50yds? Normally I would fit one and shoot it but with the lockdown it’s impossible, so...
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    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    Yes it’s a Volunteer and the best fun to shoot. A platinum nipple will cost £100 which I’m happy to pay but others are saying it’s not worth it and that several cheaper nipples will do. Trouble is the nipple is Very reluctant to come out. I’m putting penetrating spray on it and will try again...
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    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    Ok a new nipple might be required. Is it possible to visually check the existing nipple? Is it an obvious thing?
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    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    Dynamit. Predictive text sent it as Dynamo. Yes, the hammer is blowing back sometimes but not every time. A spare nipple came with the gun so it might be time to change.
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    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    60 grains of Swiss 2f and the percussion cap is Dynamo Nobel No.1218. Vordlander Zundhutchen.
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    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    I use 60 grns Swiss black powder. The hammer face looks fine to me.
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    Hole in top hat percussion cap.

    I’m new to muzzleloading. I bought a PH .451 rifle which is fun to shoot. On its 5th. trip to the range I noticed that the fired percussion caps had a hole blown in them. I had not noticed this before, so, is it common or does it indicate something else?