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    SOLD Old CVA kit .45

    thank you for answering.
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    To patch or not to patch ball in Smoothbore

    In my smoothy I use 70 grn 3f with a casted 61 cal round ball and .018 patch. I've never shot a plain round ball yet but might try it to see what happens. I'm never n a hurry and I spit patch between every shot. Sometimes I'll mix round ball shooting with shotgun loads. Interesting concept.
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    SOLD Old CVA kit .45

    If for some reason thunder doesn't follow through, I will take it.
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    Wasp nest

    What is the flame retardant used for newspaper wadding?
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    What’s a “ball block” for?

    I think if I was to use a ball board it would be with the .32 and .36 calibers. With my arthritis in the fingers those two calibers give me the most trouble setting the prb to the barrel. The larger balls aren't much of a problem.
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    I bought 5 lbs. of graf 3f, delivered at $110.97. I haven't shopped around like a lot of people do as I use grafs for a lot of powder and brass and bullets for the unmentionables. I shoot some weird calibers and they have the odd bullets.
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    The only catalogues I gett here of late, if you can call them catalogues, is from harbor freight. Been this way for a long time.
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    Jeez, I'm having trouble with a 50# recurve. If you can pull a 95# bow, you're a big dog in the archery world.
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    Made a new short starter.

    Junior Samples was a hoot, I liked the dog too.
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    Dumb luck (i will never admit that) err... Great skill :P

    Sometimes these young whippersnappers got to be shown the realities of shooting.
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    Thompson Center Hawken 50 cal with LRH +++ garage find

    I would say that you made an excellent find and purchase. Sometimes a little checking is worth the effort.
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    Help finding a gun case...

    I ordered two Unique cases five days ago. They are scheduled to be delivered today. $101.00 for the two of them. I ordered them because of what I read on this board.
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    Another .32 Crockett Thread

    I've had a Crockett for about a year and I like the way it shoots a prb with 20 grn of 3f. My only problem with it is the real small balls. I've got some troublesome arthritis in my right hand fingers and some of the dexterity is lacking making it hard to get ahold of the smaller balls. A...
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    Naming guns; Pet names for them. I had a .45 cal. flintlock back in the mid-1970's...

    Mine are all named after their calibers. My fifty cal, or my 54 cal, on down the line. That way I don't forget their names. I'm terrible with names but I can remember guns, and faces.
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    um, kinda new, more of a retread

    Being a retread you better be real careful. I too am a retread, was out of the BP scene for over thirty years. I had two rifles but rarely shot them. Started shooting them about two years ago, and now I have a double barrel 20 ga. percussion shotgun, a .45 cal percussion Kentucky pistol, two...