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    How we ordered before the internet

    I ordered a 28 gauge M/L shotgun from DGW in December 1969. It arrived on Christmas Eve. IIRC, the cost was $24.95. It's in the back of the gun safe; hasn't been shot in years.
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    Ok, what is the best shot/shots you have seen or accomplished?

    I saw a man shoot a flying hawk out of the air, using a .58 rifle musket.
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    Minie Sizing, Before or After Lubrication?

    I'm another old N-SSA skirmisher. I received my first muzzleloader in 1969, a .58 Zoli Zouave. My dad showed me the basics of molding bullets and from then on, I did all of the molding for the both of us. I used a Lyman .575213 mould and luckily, both of our muskets shot well with the Minies as...
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    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    Log Cabin Shop
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    Minnie Ball Stuck 1861 Springfield

    Dixie Gun Works sells a CO2 powered devise that fits over the nipple, to blow the Minie out. At the N-SSA home range in Virginia, they keep scuba tanks with a fitting that goes over the nipple. Those tanks blow out stuck bullets with ease
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    Hello from Virginia!

    Welcome from Southwest Virginia.
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    First black powder rifle, headed to the range.

    Pin gauges would be better for determining the diameter of your bore. I shoot an 1858 Parker-Hale rifle. The bore is .577" and I shoot a .576" Minie over 45 grains of FFFg Goex.
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    Lubing Minnies??

    I use a push through sizer die like the one shown. I size my Minies to .576" for my Parker-Hale 1858 rifle. I use the plastic tubes and load them with 45 grains of Goex FFFg powder. I insert the Minies nose down and then heat some MCM lube to the melting point. I dip the Minie until the rings...
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    SOLD TVM .58 Caliber Flintlock with 42" barrel

    What is on the breech area in your photo? It looks like active rust.
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    FOR SALE Original P53 Enfield with original and competition barrels

    This is a Model of 1853 with a lock stamped 1858. I have seen a few 1853 rifle muskets with lock stamps as late as the 1870s.
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    Euro Arms 1803 Harpers Ferry

    What's wrong with the Zoli .58 caliber 1803 rifle?
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    Springfield 1842

    You need to join the North-South Skirmish Association and live fire your 1842.
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    Fraged by My Musket

    "The 'Lyman Black Powder Book and Loading Manual' does not list 3f for any 58 caliber load." I started shooting .58 muskets in 1969. I tried FFg one time and the accuracy wasn't there in my Zoli Zouave, so I went back to FFFg. My loads range from 42 to 48 grains with a Minie, a Lee full...
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    Confederate States Marines

    In 1859 the Marine Corps went to the 1850 Foot officer's sword for enlisted and officers alike. In 1875, the Corps went back to the Mameluke pattern for officers. Marine NCOs continues to use the 1850 Foot Officers sword, which is the same pattern in use today. My reenactment unit wears a grey...