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    This old fart has a new Early Lancaster

    That is one outstanding rifle. We'll done.
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    Horn kits?

    I bought my horn and individual parts from powder horns and more. I thought about a kit but decided to chose the individual horn myself. I did get a premade plug that I modified. I would recommend making your own.
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    Back to old kit, work stand, and advice...

    Good luck with finishing your rifle. I had several month-long gaps in building my first rifle (kibler) due to the same "chicken-out" episodes. The good thing was it allowed me to step away, learn (I watched a lot of YouTube build videos) and come back to the rifle in a more confident frame of...
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    Yet Another Kibler Longrifles Kit Build...

    Nice work Troy! I'm reliving my SMR build through your posts! I had many of the same experiences from wonky lug pins to lessons in going slow and steady. Your stock looks similar to mine too. Is yours a sugar maple? Here's how mine finished out. With aqua Fortis, I'll bet you get some similar...
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    A builder's bench : tools, vises, etc

    Bob nailed it. And I really need that vise for my next build!
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    FOR SALE Bag knife/ patch knife 165. shipped

    Just a plug for Tallpines' craftsmanship. I bought one of his knives with a similar blade profile to this one. It's a really well made blade with a handle that includes the neat pewter bolster like on this one. Buy with confidence. Tallpine makes a great knife!
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    New Kibler

    Last time I talked to Katherine she said Jim was seriously considering a trade gun or Fowler. I'm down for whatever smoothie he produces! Fingers crossed it comes sooner than later.
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    New knives...for me?

    The fork is pretty nifty, but I did give some appreciation for your knife too. :)
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    New knives...for me?

    Great story on the fork. It's even cooler that it is a family heirloom! Something to be cherished, no doubt.
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    New knives...for me?

    Neat design! I really like the two feathers logo on it as well. What's the story with that pewter enhanced fork!? Did you make that too? Really cool camp utensil.
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    SOLD Kibler colonial rifle 54 caliber

    New pictures show off this rifle so much better. Beautiful. Glws!
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    A US model 1842 speaks

    Thanks Smokey!! Happy to be the new caretaker.
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    A US model 1842 speaks

    I recently acquired an excellent H Aston US model 1842 pistol from a forum member here. I've never owned a single shot pistol, but this one was too cool for me to pass up. Got it out to the lease this weekend for a little exercise and it was the highlight of the day! (And that was against an...
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    1860 Army Question

    I just measured the cylinder on my 1863 Colt 1860. There is a .133 difference between the cylinder opening and the inside at the nipple.
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    how to antique brass?

    That's good to know Zonie. Never heard that before on the brass and ammonia.