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    Goex vs. Swiss in Pedersoli .45 Frontier Rifle

    Great results , How was the velocity deviation shot to shot with each powder ?
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    Beans and rice

    Heart sliced into about ½" slices fried in garlic butter on a Jet boil cooker at the site of the kill . Liver sliced into ¼" slices , dusted with garlic salt , smoked paprika and chili powder , quick fried in garlic butter and used as a sandwich filling . Kidneys , skinned , cleaned , soaked in...
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    screwdriver set

    I use the Wheeler set , the best thing about the Chapman set is the ratchet handle which gives great leverage for stubborn screws . The Wheeler set lets you select the most appropriate blade for the job . I also use custom made turnscrews for some jobs . Wheeler blades are replaceable.
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    Beans and rice

    Speaking of food , do you hunters amongst us eat the liver , kidneys, heart and tongue of the deer you kill . All very toothsome eating if you know how to cook them .
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    Questions on a rifle I saw for sale

    The band of rust on the barrel looks like it could have been leaning in a rack of some sort for a considerable time , or had rope tied around it Made in Japan , so it has some age on it , who would have made it ? Miroku ? Can you get parts for these rifles ?
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    Hawken Rifles, What's All The Hoopla?!

    So called Trade guns were made for the Firearms trade for sale to or trade with both the Indians and the Trappers /hunters. If you can find a copy of "Guns of the Western Indian War " By Steven Dorsey . He lists the muzzle loading octagonal barreled rifles with percussion locks either...
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    Capper recommendations

    Pouches were used to hold caps and authentic as any piece of leather punched with holes , personally I think using any devise which exposes caps to the elements , loss and oily fingers in this time of cap shortages is taking a bit of a risk .
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    Shooting over snow ?

    The gunsmiths who did this made what were the most accurate muzzle loaders in their time . They used every possible thing to help make these rifles super accurate . Read the book .
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    Shooting over snow ?

    I have just finished re reading "The Muzzle Loading Caplock Rifle " by Ned Roberts , he says the best gunmakers used to test for un burnt powder by shooting over white paper or snow . This was to find the maximum load for the rifle .
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    Capper recommendations

    Ted Cash makes a variety of different cappers , all authentic in style and of high quality , I'd only use a straightline for capping a revolver . The other cappers with either flip or spin off lids are great , you just pour in the caps and shake the capper till they are all sitting open side up...
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    What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I went to my local monthly club shoot and won the annual round ball championship with my .54 flinter against a heap of cap locks . Won by 1 point Ha .
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    Proper luster of metal parts?

    I just wipe down the brass with a cleaning patch with fired black powder residue on it , or a damp cloth with some black powder on it , this gives brass mellow yellow /brown glow . , not too shiny not blackened . I just buff it with my hands
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    “Grizzly gun”

    I am no expert on Bears , but I think a large caliber quick handling 54/58 flintlock or later on a caplock , with a 30/32 inch barrel would be what was needed in the hands of an experienced hunter back in the day .From what I have read the old timers tended to avoid Grizzlies if they could and...
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    Buffalo Skull

    I have a Buffalo Bull skull , I call it Bill and use it as a very comfortable seat at rondys .
  15. DuncNZ

    Original Brown Bess. Nice pics.

    The local Lord kept the guns at his house/castle and only issued them for practice or war , the peasants could not be trusted with anything more martial than pitch forks .