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  1. DuncNZ

    Frizzen shot or not?

    It looks like there is plenty of meat left in the frizzen ,my suggestion is to grind off those judder marks on the face and reharden the frizzen or get it rehardened by a professional ,try it and if it still doesn't work t I'd look at the strength of the feather spring ( frizzen spring ) and the...
  2. DuncNZ

    Removing Lead Oxide From Roundballs

    Thanks for your ideas , as I have said before I am allergic to lead so I will buy some quality gloves and a dust mask and will try the vinegar idea first as there is no exposure to lead dust that way , if that doesn't work I am going to try the silica sand as I have about 5 pounds sitting in...
  3. DuncNZ

    Removing Lead Oxide From Roundballs

    Not on my TV so I googled it and found we have CLR in New Zealand , Calcium , Lime , Rust remover and will give that a go , thanks for the idea .
  4. DuncNZ

    Removing Lead Oxide From Roundballs

    I have been given 20+ packets of Hornady swaged round balls made sometime last centaury . Nice present but the balls are covered in a off white substance I believe to be lead oxide . This covering makes the balls very hard and , with no give in them difficult to load . I also think they are...
  5. DuncNZ

    Question about Loyalist Arms and Repairs

    I own and have owned a number of firearms with both proof marks and proof certificates and several with no proof marks . The Indian made muskets etc are great as prop guns as used in movies . The flintlocks may take some work to get them to flash in the pan
  6. DuncNZ

    Hello from Finland!

    Welcome from New Zealand . Nice rifle , first thing you need to do is replace the ram rod with a hickory one and replace the nipple with a stainless steel or beryllium one .
  7. DuncNZ


    Remember that Ballistol and British 303 oils were developed at a time when both the German and British armies were still coming to terms with jacketed bullets and corrosive primers . These two "oils" were designed to be used with water to dissolve corrosive primer salts and to remove metallic...
  8. DuncNZ

    Pedersoli Lock slipping

    This may help
  9. DuncNZ

    Lodgewood has a Matchlock Musket

    Yep , unless you use short pieces of match cord it will pull out under its own weight . The best source of fungus for tinder , that I have found , is growing all over the sign at the entrance to our black powder range :thumb:
  10. DuncNZ

    Lodgewood has a Matchlock Musket

    I don't like paint , it can hide a multitude of sins . Also there is no clamp to hold the match firmly in the serpentine . The bulge in the forend is to hook over ramparts or somesuch .
  11. DuncNZ


    Don't use anything with silicone in it . It can get into the wood or onto the metal and may prevent future repairs / refinishing from working . At least that is what Museums have told me . You need to find a wax which is not going to alter the wood or metal and will stand the test of time...
  12. DuncNZ


    Some competitions (mainly national and international ) require rifles to be as origional. and coning is banned , as are aperture sights You could try to find someone to file cone your rifle , it works if properly done and looks great .
  13. DuncNZ

    What happens When You Accidentally Shoot a Ramrod out of your gun?

    I have seen this once with a Parker Hale .451 Volunteer rifle where the iron rod was shot out over a 500 gr patched bullet , the shooter complained of excessive recoil and thought he had double loaded a bullet , every thing checked out just fine with no barrel damage , so he went to fire another...
  14. DuncNZ

    Flintlocks: How to Shoot Them

    A well tuned and properly loaded flintlock will , go off so fast all you are aware of is one sound , no flash-- boom ,fire every time,( well almost) it won't eat flints and it will work both upside down and in the rain ( as long as the pan stays dry .) By properly loaded I mean ball seated...
  15. DuncNZ

    Brown bess

    The Brits could and did use Charleville ball taken from a Frenchman who no longer needed it . I purchased a Pedersoli Charleville when I was looking for a musket for competition shooting , after a few modifications , like hardening the frizzen so it would spark , I never regretted my purchase.