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Recent content by DuncNZ

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  1. DuncNZ

    Tow Alternatives

    I buy plumbers tow from the plumbing section of my hardware store , The coarser the fibres feel the better they are at scraping the crud off the bore . It washes clean after use .
  2. DuncNZ

    Happy New Year

    Yepper. 1st ml shoot of the year. Looking forward to it.
  3. DuncNZ

    Happy New Year

    It is now 12:01 here in the South Pacific so I am writing this in 2024 , some what in your future . I hope you have a happy , safe and successful 2024 . Here in New Zealand we are hoping for cheaper powder , more available caps , and that the new government will make the laws regarding the...
  4. DuncNZ


    I make my own stock wax with a mix of yellow bees wax and enough artists grade linseed oil to make a paste. I do the same for leather treatment with neetsfoot oil using bees wax to make a paste . Flaxseed oil found in health stores etc is high grade linseed oil.
  5. DuncNZ

    Weighing Swaged Round Balls

    Voids are internal, cuts dimples ,marks etc are external. Many round ball shooters have experimented with weighed round balls. Myself included. I have found that by weighing balls and sorting into batches of the same or very close weight ,accuracy can be improved over unweighed balls or ones...
  6. DuncNZ

    Wondering about ramrods

    I think the steel ramrods on military firearms was to enable loads to be hammered down fouled bores .
  7. DuncNZ

    Wondering about ramrods

    I have always been intrigued by old photos of ml shooters standing around at a shoot with a ramrod sticking out of the stock or barrel of their long rifles , by a hand length more. And that the rods never seemed to be dead straight.
  8. DuncNZ

    Origional Whitworth Rifle Sold

    Actually I believe another 17% Should be added as a Broker's fee. You would have to live in New Zealand as it has historic significance and is illegal to export.
  9. DuncNZ

    Origional Whitworth Rifle Sold

    At a recent Militaria Auction here in New Zealand, an origional Whitworth rifle was sold for $4600 US . These rifles were used by the British army here in New Zealand in the 1840's . This is the catalogue description and is all I know about the rifle . .45 caliber Whitworth Muzzle Loading...
  10. DuncNZ

    Hello from Nelson NZ

    Welcome . Marlborough has our round ball championship on the 19th November. I hope to see you there. Cheers Dunc
  11. DuncNZ


    The British Pattern 1776 rifle was ordered with a coned barrel . From De Witt Bailey's book "British Military Flintlock Rifles: pages 199-200 " Lands .630" Grooves .650" The muzzle is relieved for about 1" with .690 grooves and .650" lands . The fact that the Military ordered these rifles...
  12. DuncNZ

    Getting ready to shoot a matchlock as a newbie

    In my experience a nice cone shaped coal is the ideal. It has a larger glowing area than a flat ended coal. The cone is also less likely to go out. I have never had a failure to fire unless the match has fallen out of the jaws . If you have a failure to fire don't get your arm or hand in front...
  13. DuncNZ

    Building me a N.W. tradegun. Again ! :D

    I use what ever I use as a stock finish. I also place a note under the butt plate of any, new to me, firearm about who made it and when it was made ,loads etc . I have found notes and especially shop receipts under the butt plates of a few antique firearms . It all adds to the story
  14. DuncNZ

    Building me a N.W. tradegun. Again ! :D

    Don't forget under the butt plate. Any end grain area needs extra treatment, it's where splits start and when just sucks up moisture.
  15. DuncNZ

    What kind of stuff do you all read?

    Maybe one should talk about fiction and nonfiction. Novels were certainly Novel when they first came along.