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  1. D

    Certified Range Officer Needed

    The two we had are members of the group, but yes,it would be good for a couple more of us to get certified. I'm going to check with the NMLRA for possible contacts.
  2. D

    Certified Range Officer Needed

    In urgent need of a certified range officer for a small rendezvous (about 22 camps and 20 shooters) at Burr Oak State Park in Ohio the week of June 2nd through 9th. We had two lined up, then one decided just last week that he couldn’t. The second one then realized that he had forgotten to renew...
  3. D

    Voyageur Flask Review

    I bought one of these several years ago at the Fort Frederick Market Fair. Mr. Goebel does wonderful work. I have only one quibble with the design of this flask. Most flasks of this type seem to have a slight taper to the spout and spout cover. This would allow the cover to wedge firmly against...
  4. D

    Muzzleloading Myths

    In regard to static electricity not being able to ignite black powder... I know the Bevel Brothers tested it, and I believe the Navy did, too. I will totally believe that normal amounts of static from pouring from plastic containers cannot set it off. But I have ignited black powder with static...
  5. D

    Historic gunstock finishes?

    From what I've seen and read, a lot of really early guns had painted stocks and even painted barrels. There seem to be traces of minium (red lead) paint on many early barrels. Here's an elaborate stock, but most were much plainer: Dave T.
  6. D

    How to install post sight?

    Zonie, Your post appeared while i was replying to Paul's post (I'm a very slow typer). I think I'll try the "failsafe". Thanks. Dave T.
  7. D

    How to install post sight?

    Thanks, Paul. I had considered tapping with a 4-40 thread but with barrel thickness of no more than 1/16 inch, I dont know. Maybe thread and solder?
  8. D

    How to install post sight?

    I'm building a ca. 1630 snaphaunce gun with a smoothbore octagon to round barrel with a .75 cal bore. One of the two guns I'm basing it on has a front sight I'd like to duplicate--just a little round topped post, about 1/2 inch from the muzzle. The post is no more than 1/8 inch diam. I would...
  9. D

    New Member from Ohio

    Welcome from a fellow Ohioan. Can't let you think there are only Texans on the forum! Probably many of the other Buckeyes are at the NMLRA Eastern rendezvous. Just spent three days there myself.
  10. D

    Online source?

    Shouldn't this be the other way around? When the dollar is weak as it is now against, say, the Euro, that Euro can now buy MORE American goods than it could before. That's why foreign tourism is up in the U.S. now. In theory this should be a very good time for foreigeners to come to the U.S. and...
  11. D

    Brown Bess

    I read it as 1767 also, though admittedly the picture could be sharper. But beyond that, we've been ignoring the crown stamp. It says "GR" for King (Rex) George. King George I wasn't king until 1717, so which ever George it refers to, it has to be later than that. I don't know how long after the...
  12. D

    10 guage smoothbore barrel maker?

    If you want a long one, buckeyebarrels.com lists this: New England Fowler (Rayl) 46" long Octagon to Round Swamped with flared tang 10, 11, 12 gauge
  13. D

    What would be a correct barrel

    Thanks, Teleoceras. Maybe you could answer another question for me about the fishtail stocks. They always seem to be illustrated only in side view. It appears to me that there is no narrowing of the wrist; that the widest part of the butt,at least a strip of the wrist, and the lock area all are...
  14. D

    What would be a correct barrel

    What would be a correct barrel profile for a 1600's English snaphaunce musket a la The Rifle Shoppe's # 579? TRS's barrel for it is described as 46" octagon to round in .77 caliber. I will order one from them if they can swear to me that there is one setting on the shelf as we speak and they can...
  15. D

    I need a rotissery

    I just made a copy of this roasting spit yesterday for my wife's birthday. It looks like it would be ideal for use with a tripod. Note that it is made out of 1/4'' square stock, and the upturned hooks at the ends of the arc are sized to keep the square spit from turning when it is set down in...